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Monday, September 17, 2012

Get Quality Made and Durable Clothing For the New School Year from Hanes!

When you think of great underwear and shirts for all ages and genders, most likely one of the companies that comes to mind is Hanes. They are known for their quality made products for the whole family and it is the only company my husband and I want when we are shopping for new undershirts, socks and other undergarments!

Now my daughter and son are also HUGE fans because they received some great items from Hanes to try out and my son, especially, loves his new boxer briefs, socks and undershirts! He feels like Daddy every time he wears them!

With winter coming up quickly and the school year started, children need new socks, underwear and shirts and Hanes has tons of products perfect for back to school! Plus they are also partnering with Box Tops for Education which means that parents can buy particular Hanes products with Box Tops packaging and earn money for their kids’ local schools! 

I generously received some really cute Hanes products for my daughter:

Hanes Girls' Infant Toddler Turn Cuff Socks & Ankle Socks 

These socks are so cute and girly and they match perfectly with so many outfits! They will be perfect for my daughter to wear this winter with all her cute outfits! Plus, they are durable and will last as she learns to crawl, walk and then run!

Hanes Boys' Infant/Toddler Crew Socks & Ankle Socks 

These socks are so well made and I LOVE that because my son is SO ACTIVE! He burns holes through his socks like crazy! But with these Hanes socks, they are thick and will definitely last through all the wear and tear my son puts them through!

Boy's Toddler Dyed Briefs 5-Pack & Boxer Briefs 

The Hanes Boy's Boxer Briefs are by far my favorite product from Hanes! These boxer briefs ARE SO ADORABLE on my son and make him look so old! :) They are super comfortable for him to wear but are still easy for him to pull down and up by himself! He asks to were these Hanes boxer briefs everyday! 

I just wish more than three pair came in a package!! :)

Hanes Toddler Boys' Crew Undershirts 5-Pack

My son also REALLY likes his new white undershirts! He feels like Daddy every time he wears them and he reaches for these shirts every day to wear because they are so soft and comfortable!

My son wearing the Hanes white undershirts and boxer briefs
Overall, we are HUGE fans of Hanes and will be for many years to come! And my son DEFINITELY approves of Hanes products for kids! Get your kids quality made items from Hanes and you know they will last!

Buy It: You can purchase all Hanes products at a local retailer or at

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Alvano Richie said...

I love Hanes Toddler Boys Non-Skid Ankle Socks. These are the BEST socks for kids. Of all the socks we've bought for our little dude from hanes clothing , these are the only ones that actually stay on his feet. He can kick, roll around, and do whatever but these socks don't come off. Love them! I have found that they seem to run a little small though, but we continue to buy these Hanes socks as he grows out of them.