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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Stock Your Children's Bookshelves with Star Bright Books!

You know how much we L-O-V-E books in our house! I think my son definitely gets his love of books from me (I could sit and read a good book all day if I had the chance!) and one of my greatest joys as a parent is sitting down with him, cuddling, and teaching him life lessons and introducing a whole new world that are found in books! We seriously have more books than we know what to do with but we have read every single book and loved each one!

One of the great publishers of some of my son's favorite books is Star Bright Books!

Star Bright Books is an independent publishing company dedicated to producing the highest quality books for children. Deborah Shine established the press in 1994 with the goal of making “Great Books for Great Kids.” (they are great for parents and other care givers too!)

They recognize that to inspire a life-long love of books, it is important for children to begin building that relationship at the earliest possible age. They believe that all children should see themselves in print and they make a concerted effort to include children of all colors, nationalities, and abilities in our books. In addition to seeing themselves, children should also hear familiar language in the books they choose. In pursuit of that goal, they publish engaging books in twenty languages.

With over 75 years collective experience conceiving, writing, designing, editing and publishing books for children and young readers, Star Bright Books strive to develop and offer the best books possible for children of all ages, nationalities, interests, abilities, and special needs.

Star Bright Books has one of the greatest selection of educational and colorful books for all ages! Here are some of latest favorites from them in several different categories!

Board Books

My daughter is a huge fan of all the fun baby pictures in these Board Books, great for the younger children in your house!

by Debby Slier

Babies show just how adorable they are in this photo-filled book featuring all the lovely smiles, frowns, and giggles they make as they discover and react to their day-to-day world.

by Debby Slier

The rich Native American tradition of carrying babies safely, comfortably and close to their mothers in cradle boards endures to this day. Cradle Me celebrates Native American families and shows how they carry their babies and, with a fill-in-the-line feature, enbables readers to translate the words to write their own language.

by Star Bright Books

Babies love looking at other babies and these charming baby faces...smiling, frowning, and being silly or serious are sure to captivate and delight toddlers and babies of all ages. Parents and caretakers will enjoy sharing their baby's reactions to the book as they begin this visual journey of self-discovery! Self-expression has never been more adorable!

by Angela Bednarczyk & Janet Weinstock

This book of easy-to-follow hand signs teaches the concept of opposites.

by Star Bright Books

Children will learn the names and colors of healthy, delectable foods from the large, bright photographs in this board book. It's nutritious and educational! Part of the Babies Everywhere® series.


Humans and animals care for their young in many ways. They share food, go swimming, cuddle, and of course, give plenty of hugs and kisses. See the similarities in this charming photographic book. Vibrant images of loving families make this book perfect for families everywhere! Part of the Babies Everywhere? series.

And my son has found some favorites from Star Bright Books as well! He loves the fun stories each book contains, bright colors, flaps, and new characters that he was introduced to! Check out some of the fun favorites below!

Picture Books

By Janet Holfmann

Little ones will soon settle down for bedtime just like Little Sea Otter as he snuggles with Mama in a cozy bed of sea kelp and calls good night to all his ocean friends - sea lions, sea snails, seagulls, seals, and sea urchins. They all reply. The gently rocking seas and Mama's loving arms soon send Little Sea Otter to dreamland.

by Patricia McFadden

illustrated by Michele CoxonIt is autumn, and Woolly Bear Caterpillar needs a place to spend the winter. The other animals have their spots, but nobody will share with him! At last, the Whirligig Beetle welcomes the lonely Caterpillar, and together they dig deep into a warm blanket of leaves. A Lift-the-Flap book.

by Emily Jenkins
illustrated by Tomek Bogacki

The colorful, lively characters in Small Medium Large will captivate young readers as they discover the wonderful world of relative sizes - an important stepping stone to learning early math skills. Small, Medium, Large and all their friends: Extra Large, Huge, Enormous and Teeny-weeny, Itsy bitsy, Miniscule and others join colossal in this super-sized learning adventure featuring a dynamic double gateold that can hardly contain all the fun!

by Robert Louis Stevenson
illustrated by Brian Wildsmith

Wildsmith’s stunning art is the backdrop for this revised selection of Robert Louis Stevenson's poetry for children. In print since 1885, Stevenson’s poetry captures the joy and whimsy of childhood. This new edition is deservedly a classic.

by Brian Wildsmith

Woodpecker and Owl are neighbors, but not friends. Woodpecker's noise disturbs Owl's daytime sleeping. The feud gets so big that the other animals try to intercede. But Owl has a change of heart when Woodpecker's bravery saves his life.

So if you are ready to stock up your children's book shelves with some great books, check out the amazing selection of picture books, early readers, and board books from Star Bright Books. They have books about animals, babies, families, relationships, feelings, opposites, and so much more! They have something for everyone and we have definitely enjoyed them

At Star Bright Books, they believe that only the best is good enough for children and they will continue to produce books that are not only entertaining, but meaningful and sensitive to the needs of all children.

Buy It: You can purchase all of the Star Bright Books from above (and so many more!!) from the Star Bright Books website.

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