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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lose the Weight and Your Trouble Spots With Total Fitness DVDs!

As I have mentioned before, I am trying to lose the weight and inches after having my beautiful baby girl. I love working out but sometimes I just can't get the ambition to do it after a long night of no sleep, crabby children or just plain busyness. That is why I have been trying to mix up my workouts with some new workout DVDs from some great fitness gurus: Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper. 

My favorite new DVD from Total Fitness DVDs is Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones and it is a great toning DVD for all your troubled zones like arms, waist, hips and core!

Get into the zone with TV's kick-butt trainer, Jillian Michaels, and tackle stubborn problem areas with her surefire circuit training formula that combines upper- and lower-body sculpting moves to obliterate fat even faster. Say goodbye to saddle-bags, muffin tops and wobble arms with this heart-pounding, 40-minute circuit workout that targets trouble zones like never before. Transform your body from flab to firm in no time!

The workout contains:

Warm-Up: Begin your workout with light cardio and dynamic stretching

Trouble Zone Circuit: Broken into seven 6-minute circuits, these killer combo moves target the shoulders, chest, arms, abs, back, legs, hips, and glutes.

Cool-down: Reward your body with energizing stretches.

I found it very challenging if I was to do all the segments so I really liked how you can choose whatever segments you want to focus on like hips and arms together, core and legs, etc.

You do need Hand Weights and for me the whole video is a little long at 58 minutes. However, that is why I like how I can pick as many segments and body parts to work on as I want in one workout session. 

I also really liked Bob Harper's Totally Ripped Core. I was looking for a DVD I could do when I just really wanted to focus on my core and abs and slimming that back down. So I chose to work my core with Bob Harper and I was really happy I did!

Gear-up for absolute body reformation with two groundbreaking workouts. Ignite your metabolism and destroy hundreds of calories with Bob Harper’s exclusive, cutting-edge combinations and proven techniques of activating, engaging and sustaining the core. Sculpt powerful, lean muscles, while reinventing your body from the inside out. Whip your core to perfection by isolating and defining vital muscle groups, to abolish pounds and sharpen stamina. Pit your body’s strength against its own endurance at maximum levels, commanding an on-going metabolic surge, and annihilating fat calories long after completing your workout. Extraordinary physiques are built on rock-solid cores, so rise to the challenge and prevail with a fit, toned and powerful body. You do need hand weights for this DVD. 

Once again, this workout is 48 minutes so it is a little long for my usual workout time frame but it definitely works! My core was really sore the next day after doing the full workout and it definitely worked to work my core!

Here is how the workout breaks down:

Warm-up: 2 minutes (stretches)
Workout: 43 minutes (toning with a few cardio intervals circuit style)
Cool-down: 3 minutes (stretch)
Total Workout Time: 48 minutes

I also like how it does offer a quick workout if you don't have the time to do the full 50 minutes. It is aggressive and hard and gets it done in a shorter time! I like this workout for the quicker workout time!

Workout 1: Totally Ripped Core 50 minutes of isolated core combinations command the top-most levels of effort and all planes of motion to reach the optimum fat-burning metabolic state. Reveal a tighter, leaner, more defined mid-section, and construct the foundation to sculpt the strongest body possible.

Workout 2: Ripped Core Quick Bonus 10 Minutes of aggressive core training sets the heart rate racing and accelerates your metabolism for rapid fat burning results. Get it in, and get it done in this compact core routine to deliver rock solid abs in no time! REWARD YOURSELF WITH RESULTS!

Buy It: You can purchase both Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones and Bob Harper's Totally Ripped Core on the Total Fitness DVDs website.

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