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Friday, September 28, 2012

Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Identity!

This post brought to you by LifeLock Twitter. All opinions are 100% mine.

AmeliaIZEA |
Everytime I make a new password, I worry that it isn't "fraud proof" enough!
It is hard to imagine someone stealing your identity until it happens...then it is devastating! I haven't had my identity stolen but my email has gotten hacked and my parent's checks have gotten hacked and re-written. That alone was devastating and haunting. You just never feel the same after knowing someone has hacked your personal information!
With the world beings so virtual and online these days, almost all your personal information is on the Internet and you must PROTECT it! Protect it with LifeLock, today’s leader in the world of identity theft protection and information.
LifeLock provides its customers with top of the line identity theft protection through a suite of services backed by state-of-the-art technology. In addition, LifeLock provides information on all aspects of identity theft and threats.
Their website is so easy to use and it gives so much helpful information to help anyone understand identity theft, how LifeLock helps, and all the plans and pricing available to help anyone protect their identity online!
LifeLock helps protect your identity in 5 main areas:
1) Monitoring Your Identity
2) Scanning For Identity Threats
3) Responding to Identity Theft
4) Guarantee For Our Services
5) Tracking Your Credit Score
So next time you think you aren't at risk for fraud, check out these stats: 
• Households earning $100k + per year have the highest identity fraud rate at 7.4%
• The average cost per person of having identities stolen is $1,513
• 11.6 million adults were victims of identity fraud in 2011 and a total of $18 billion was lost.
Alarming stats for social media/ smartphone users that have experience identity fraud:
• 6.6% of victims are smartphone owners
• 6.8% of victims are social media users who click on the applications
• 8.2% of victims are social media users who have “checked in” using their smartphone GPS
• 10.1% of victims are LinkedIn users
Do you know how fast a professional hacker can breach your password security?
• If you have 6 characters in your password with no symbol, it only takes a professional .000224 seconds
• If you have 10 characters and one symbol in your password, it takes up to 20 days for a professional to break in.
• What would this mean to your online banking, personal information and overall privacy?
Are you alarmed by the stats listed? Ask your readers if they feel protected against identity theft.
So eliminate your fears of identity fraud forever and work with LifeLock to protect it forever! Make sure to follow on LifeLock on Twitter to get all the latest updates and info!
Have you ever had your identity stolen?? Tell me your experiences and how you protect yourself!
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