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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tips for Choosing the Right Bra

Choosing the right bra to buy may at first seem like a relatively simple task, but it can actually be quite complicated, especially when doing so for the first time. If you are new to wearing or bra or have just never been shown how to select the right bra size and style for your body shape, the task can actually be an intimidating one. You may find that you are too embarrassed to ask someone like a shop assistant for help, although perhaps consider asking a close female friend or even family member. There are lots of different things to consider when picking out a bra, especially as women come in all different shapes and sizes. Luckily, bras do too!

The issues regarding picking an appropriate bra range from the cosmetic to the medical. You would not want to wear a black bra, for example, under a white t-shirt as it will show through (unless that’s the look you’re going for, of course). That’s a cosmetic concern. Comfort wise, a bra that doesn’t fit properly will simply feel awful, and you will probably look the worse for it as you will be visibly uncomfortable. On a more long term note, wearing the wrong bra size for many years can cause bad posture or even back pain. If you take the time before shopping to carefully research the kind of bra you need, take accurate measurements and then shop as effectively as possible, the outcome will be much better and you will be much happier with whatever you choose to buy.

The percentage of women who have been wearing the wrong bra size for years is actually staggering. As daunting as it may seem, getting professionally measured is not at all scary and shop assistants will be more than happy to help. If you would be uncomfortable removing your current bra or shirt then they will sometimes measure over the top of what you are wearing. There are cheap bras out there, but most often they're not – don’t risk buying the wrong size, fit or colour and then never wearing it!

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