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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Start Your Baby's Eating Habits Off Right with Baby Gourmet Baby Food!

My daughter is in the midst of eating her first baby foods and I want to make sure I feed her right from the start! If you are starting baby food or currently feeding baby food to your child, then make sure to stay tuned in the next couple weeks as I focus on tasty, natural and organic baby foods that help, "Feed right from the first bite!"

Today, I want to tell you about Baby Gourmet, a great organic baby food that has a lot of variety of flavors separated into three helpful groups: 6 months+ Simple Purees, 7 months+ Yummy Combos, and 8 months+ Tasty Textures! It is really helpful for picking the right stage of food for the right age that my daughter is at!

Now I usually prefer to make my own baby food, but with our recent move, all my blenders, containers and supplies are packed in storage and using store bought organic baby food has been so convenient and made starting baby food with my daughter so easy - and I still know she is getting great organic fruits and vegetables in her diet! Plus, they are really great to stick in our diaper bag when we go out to eat, to grandma's house, or out for the day!

Founder Jennifer Broe wanted to feed her babies food that was healthy and tasty, but was disappointed by grocery store options. With a little ingenuity, she started making her own—whipping up baby-friendly batches of tested and much-loved family recipes. The results were so yummy, she enlisted the help of her sister, Jill Vos, and Baby Gourmet was born. Jill makes sure our recipes are filled with only the best, freshest, organic, kosher ingredients from around the world.

I love how Baby Gourmet takes the hassle out of eating on the go and their containers are not breakable like glass. Their slim pouch slips neatly in your bag and lets you squeeze food right onto a spoon. When wee ones aren't quite so little anymore, they love feeding themselves straight from the package.

And it's not just super convenient—it also preserves nutrition and taste. Unlike glass jars, the thermo-dynamic pouch permits flash cooking, ensuring none of the flavor or nutrients are cooked out.

Every package of Baby Gourmet passes strict nutritional and food safety guidelines. They pass all USDA and organic certifications. But, as moms, they actually go a step further. They actually taste every single batch themselves! If they don't absolutely love it, they pour it out and start from scratch. It's true! Now that is commitment to only offering the best, organic and healthy food for the most important people in our life - our children!

So when you are searching for an easy-to-feed baby food for your children, consider going to organic and try out the Baby Gourmet baby food brand! You AND your children won't be disappointed in the taste, quality, or ease! Plus, you will know you are starting your children's taste buds, eating habits, and bodies off to a great start!

Buy It: You can purchase Baby Gourmet at many local stores, including Walmart, near you.  

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* Thank you to Baby Gourmet for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*