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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Win 100 Dollars with The October MyShopDiscounts Blog Scavenger Hunt!

Win $100 with The October MyShopDiscounts Blog Scavenger Hunt:

My Shop Discounts is opening up October with a cash-prize scavenger hunt, with a little help from our blog friends. MSD is guest-posting on three popular family interest blogs this week. Read the posts, get the clues, figure out the answer, and you can win $100! Three readers will receive $100 for figuring out this popular movie quote, and the movie it came from:
____ is ___ of _____________ and ____________

1) Get three of the blank words from the popular blogs this week:
2) Once you figure out the the clue, message the answer (full quote, and movie it came from) to our Facebook page:
3) Find out Monday, October 8th, to see if you’re one of the $100 winners!

(Today’s clue is at the end of this post)

We live in one heck of a nutty world full of laws that'll make you laugh out loud. For instance, did you know that, in Florida, there is a fine for men who wear strapless gowns in public? The sunshine state also prohibits single women from parachuting on Sundays (you can sky dive, so long as you don't activate the parachute, ladies). Skateboarding inside a police station is also a no- no. Many of these strange laws are unspoken laws, whereas others are subjects of political or religious influence. You'll be shocked to find out that some of these are actually real laws with real penalties.

In San Francisco, you'll get in trouble if you use dirty underwear to polish a vehicle in a car wash (if the undergarment is clean, you'll be okay). In Los Angeles, a waiter isn't allowed to tell his customers, "I'm really an actor." Plus, if you're a citizen of California, you can get busted for selling lumpy smoothies (blend well, folks). In Kentucky, you'll get in trouble for covering your lawn in red paint (blue or purple are better options anyway). Also in Kentucky, you aren't allowed to carry a concealed weapon if it's more than six feet in length (it really wouldn't really be concealed anyway). In Illinois, the cops will handcuff you for putting a lit cigar in your dog's mouth. In Alabama, you aren't allowed to drive blindfolded! Speaking of not being able to see, you aren't allowed to sell your eyeball in Texas.

In France, you're not allowed to sell dolls that don't have human faces (look it up) and you aren't allowed to name your pet pig "Napoleon." If you're going to visit England, be careful how you stick a stamp bearing the image of the Queen (you'll get busted if it's upside down). In Israel, it's an offense to pick your nose on a Sunday (you better get all your picking done before then). If you're living in Burma, you're breaking a law right now. Citizens of Burma aren't allowed to explore the Internet! If you're caught, you'll be thrown in the slammer.

And, get a load of this, in Samoa, it's illegal to forget your wife's birthday! I'm sure you've all heard of some nutty laws. Now that you've got some of these wacky thoughts in your head, it's time to proceed to today's clue!

Tuesday’s clue: “interruptions”

____ is ___ of _____________ and ____________

Make sure you read all the guest posts this week for a shot at the $100!

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