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Friday, October 26, 2012

Eliminate Static NATURALLY with PurEcosheet & Giveaway

How much laundry do you do a week? 

The answer is probably a LOT more than you want to, right? How about how much money do you spend on doing laundry (detergent, dryer sheets, etc)? That also may be a lot more than you want it to be....

So let me help you save money on drying your laundry by eliminating conventional dryer sheets, protecting your clothes and family's skin, AND supporting and contributing to a greener earth!


With a great product I just learned about called PurEcosheet!

PurEcosheet is a chemical free, hypoallergenic, reusable dryer sheet that leaves no residue, is safe for allergy and eczema sufferers, can be used on cloth diapers, lasts for at least a year, and costs less than the dispoable alternatives. That is A LOT of great characteristics/advantages!!!

I absolutely love that it has all the advantages of a traditional dryer sheet, with none of the chemicals. The reusable dryer sheet eliminates static and keeps all of your fabrics fresh, soft and natural without leaving a chemical residue on your family's clothing.

Best of all, it is REALLY simple to use. Just put two PurEcoSheet dryer sheets in the dryer with your laundry and they will last for hundred of loads - for most families that's at least one full year of chemical free laundry. Wash them after the first three loads and then every three months - they can be used again immediately after washing since they're effective wet or dry.

Let me tell you - it REALLY Works! I have been using them with all our laundry AND our cloth diapers and every time I reach in to get our clothes out, I never worry about that painful shock from staticy clothes or have to physically pull laundry apart from sticking with static! With winter coming and cold, dry weather, I appreciate PurEcoSheet sheets EVEN more! I LOVE that my clothing is soft and static free without any added perfumes, dyes, soaps or chemicals. 

And don't worry...You can use purecosheets with all baby's clothing, cloth diaper, and on any fabric - even the most delicate. Because this product is chemical free it will not spot or stain even the finest of silks.

And get this...Purecosheets EVEN helps reduce energy costs!!! Chemical based dryer sheets leave a residue that clogs the dryer's vents and covers the dry sensors, which makes the dryer work hard and longer to complete the same job. Because this product leaves no residue the interior of your dryer will stay clean and it's effectiveness will not be affected (watch out - most dryer manuals tell you that chemical based dryer sheets can void your warranty. PurEcosheets will keep your warranty intact).

So are you wondering how it works? I know I was!

A static charge builds up when two dissimilar materials are rubbed together, and a typical household dryer load is made up of a lot of different kinds of fabrics. The friction between these fabrics causes electrons to be transferred from one material to the other. With this transference, some surfaces get positively charged and others get negatively charged, and they attract one another. That attraction is static cling. The more rubbing, the more the electrons move, and the larger the static charge that builds up - sometimes as much as 12,000 volts worth.

Disposable dryer sheets are impregnated with a waxy, chemical mixture. The heat from the dryer melts this deposit and leaves a residue all over your clothes and your dryer. This residue "lubricates" your clothing so that cling can't build up.

Instead of leaving a chemical residue all over your clothing and your machine, PurEcosheets act like antennas - conducting, equalizing and removing any potential static charge in your dryer load. We get rid of the static and keep your family's fabrics clean, fresh and natural.

So next time you want to eliminate static in your laundry, throw away other chemical and harmful dryer sheets and get all the advantages with none of the chemicals with PurEcosheets!

Buy It: You can purchase PurEcosheets for $16.95 for one pack (with two sheets) on the PurEcosheet website. 

And make sure to save 10% off your next order with the coupon code: The Review Stew

Win It: PurEcosheet is generously offering (1) Box of PurEcosheets to a lucky winner!

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* Thank you to PurEcosheets for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*


Sociallyaware1 said...

Thank you for helping educate the readers on Fair Trade. By promoting fair trade you get a great product and you actually can feel good about doing so. I think more and more people are becoming aware of social responsibility and changing the way we all think about what goes into our bodies and minds

slehan said...

That's Great! Thank you very much. I'm looking forward to using it.

slehan at juno dot com