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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Try Out the Unique & DELICIOUS Cookies from Sweets Ndulgence & Giveaway

Okay, if you regularly read this blog, you know how cookies are my weaknesses...I just love soft, chewy and sweet cookies and I usually can't just stop at one!

So when Sweets Ndulgence contacted me to try out their cookies, it truly made my day!! They have such a great selection of flavors and they are really unique compared to the usual cookie varieties companies offer. Plus, all of their cookies are made by hand, using the freshest ingredients. Each batch is made from scratch in small quantities to insure a delicious homemade taste.

Honestly, I was a little nervous to try them since they were flavors that I had never had before, but I decided to try the Lemon Drop and Chocolate Dipped Cherry because those are two of my favorite dessert flavors!

And let me tell you, I am SO GLAD I CHOSE THESE because they are AMAZING!

These cookies were the hit of the house and I seriously had to slap my husband's hands often as he tried to sneak these cookies!

They looked really good when I opened up the box and the first bite proved to be just as good! They were so soft and fresh tasting and the flavors were vibrant and bold! The Chocolate Dipped Cherry had actual cherry bits and the chocolate on top was the perfect mix! I could really tell that they used real ingredients and cared about the finished product!

I also love that they offer a "mix and match" box of 24 cookies. I loved that I could choose TWO flavors to try out because I really like variety!

If you are looking for some delicious cookies for any occasion, try out these delicious, soft and unique cookies from Sweets Ndulgence! I highly recommend the Chocolate Dipped Cherry and Lemon Drop!

Buy It: You can purchase the 24 Cookie Gift Box for $20.00 on the Sweets Ndulgence website.

Win It: Sweets Ndulgence is generously offering (1) 24 Cookie Gift Box with TWO Flavors of choice to a lucky winner!

Enter here for a chance to win:
(1) 24 Cookie Gift Box with Two Flavors of Choice 
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* Thank you to Sweets Ndulgence for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*