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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Disney Baby Lion King Premier Washable Playard Review

I am sure my son someday won't appreciate me telling the world this but...

He is a VERY Heavy Night Wetter!! He has been since he was born and no matter what we do, he still soaks through his diaper at night! He has been potty trained since he was a year and a half years old but now at 3 years old he still has to wear a diaper at night because he just pees like crazy!

So whenever we are traveling, I always dread him sleeping in someone else's bed or playard because I don't want him to wreck their bed by soaking it with pee. And most of you probably know, portable playards are not usually very easy to wash...even though I have had to try on more than one occasion!!!

That is why I am sure glad we are now proud owners of the Disney Baby Lion King Premier Washable Playard™. It is like it's name says: WASHABLE!!!! Why didn't someone come up with this concept earlier! Children don't spit up, pee, or poop any less traveling or sleeping a playard so why didn't they make it washable from the beginning??!!!

The Disney Baby™ The Lion King™ Premier Washable Playard™ goes where no playard has gone before: The washing machine! Hakuna Matata means "no worries" - a perfect motto for this, the world's first machine-washable playard. Now you can easily wash away dirt, spills and accidents. Designed by InGenuity for ultimate ease of use, fabrics zip off in under a minute. Other thoughtful features include a removable bassinet, InGenuity's easy One Less Step folding, handy organizer tray, toy bar with two plush toys, Soothing Sounds Station with music and nature sounds - all wrapped up in irresistible Lion King styling!

All I have to say is THANK YOU InGenuity!!! And this is why...

This portable playard has all the features you expect from other playards: bassinet, cute design, easy to set up and take down, and easy to carry. However, then they go above and beyond with other extra features like...

The Soothing Sounds Station which features melodies and nature sounds to comfort baby. It is easy to clip to the side of the crib and now you can have soothing music everywhere you take your playard!

It also includes some other great accessories like the elevated changing table that not only is great for changing your baby but also easily pivots out of the way! Plus, it has a nice little storage area that can be clipped on anywhere for easy storage of diapers, wipes, toys, etc. It is like they thought of everything!!!

But the best feature of all, is that everything is washable - even the mattress and changing pad cover, the two areas that probably will get the most dirty!!!! 

The playard itself is a very good size and the mattress seems way more comfortable and cushiony than others we have used in the past! My son didn't want to get out, once he got in! :)

The only thing I would change about the Disney Baby Lion King Premier Washable Playard is that there really isn't a good way to travel with the added accessories like the changing table and storage area. They don't fit in the carry bag with the actual playard so it would be a pretty big hassle to travel with, especially since a changing table is usually what I wish I had when traveling because most people don't have a good and safe place to change a baby! I would just love a nice carrying case for the accessories so I could keep it together nicely with the actual bed when traveling!

Other than that, I really love our new Disney Baby Lion King Premier Washable Playard! I love that you don't have to take out the bassinet to fold down or up the playard and it all fits nicely and easily into a convenient carrying case! We are definitely trading in our older model of playard for this awesome (and CUTE!), and most importantly, WASHABLE, Disney Baby Lion King Premier Washable Playard!

For more information on the Disney Baby Lion King Premier Washable Playard and InGenuity, check out InGenuity’s Facebook Page.

Buy It: You can purchase the Disney Baby Lion King Premier Washable Playard for $169.99 on BabiesRUs.com 

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* This review was made possible by Double Duty Divas and InGenuity. I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine.*