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Monday, November 12, 2012

Get the Hottest Toys from Mattel!

This season, find fun toys & games, last-minute gift ideas, and personalized gifts at!

Some of the hottest Christmas holiday toys are part of the Mattel family. Are you shopping for a little boy like I am this season? Race over to Hot Wheels Headquarters for a super-charged selection of gifts for boys including diecast vehicles, remote control cars and track sets. Hot Wheels Wall Tracks bring track play off the floor and onto walls, while multi- car packs and the awesome Hot Wheels RC Terrain Twister vehicle propel your holiday gift shopping to the next level. There are also Matchbox toy cars & trucks to choose from.

For the littlest ones in your life, be sure to check out preschool gifts and baby gear and toys from Fisher-Price, Little People and Little Mommy. You’ll find a great selection of movie toys here as well, from Cars, Brave, and Toy Story to all the Barbie movies, including this year’s Barbie The Princess and the Popstar.

Take the Stunts and Fun to New Heights with the HOT WHEELS® WALL TRACKS™ POWER TOWER® Track Set.
It's the most action to ever come to your wall! The Power Tower features a swirling motorized elevator that lifts Hot Wheels cars to the top of the set for continuous play. Release Hot Wheels vehicles onto the track, but watch out for danger zones featuring a swinging "saw blade" and "car-chomping" monster! Will your cars survive? With the right speed and skill, your car can safely return to the Power Tower elevator for more thrilling go-rounds. Otherwise, it's straight to the trash heap if your vehicle is knocked off or "eaten" by the car-hungry monster!

Once your vehicle is at the top of the tower, there are different options for diversion. Move the diverter one way, and your car will head straight down a slope, navigate a turn, and encounter a car-crushing monster with opening and closing jaws! If you don't want to dare the car chomper, move the diverter to take an alternate route, though it's not much safer! After an immediate turnout of the lift, your car must pass a swinging "saw blade" that threatens to knock it off. This nonstop action is all about timing and strategy!

The Power Tower is easy to assemble and safely attaches to the wall with the included Command™ strips from 3M. Add the perfect backdrop for action and adventure with the full-color poster, with images of track, cars, crashes, and bystanders. For more Hot Wheels fun, connect the Power Tower to other Wall Tracks sets (sold separately) and build out an entire Wall Tracks world!

Power Tower set comes with one die-cast car, one poster, four hanging brackets, and the safe-for-walls Command strips from 3M.
  • This tower of fun features a motorized elevator and exciting danger zones
  • Includes one Hot Wheels die-cast vehicle
  • You can load up to 12 cars at once (sold separately)
  • Easy to assemble and attach to your wall
  • Not for use with some Hot Wheels sets and vehicles.
Check out this Cars Lightning McQueen Hawk - An Interactive, Animated Vehicle That Transforms!
Take to the skies with Lightning McQueen! This exciting, two-in-one vehicle makes sounds, lights up, and transforms from car mode to plane mode at sonic speed — just as he does in the animated short Air Mater! Racecar Lightning McQueen sports his signature sleek, red, devilish design, but when you pull down his back flap, he reveals his hawkish personality with wings, jet-like engines, and missiles! Kids will love reliving scenes and creating new “air-ventures” for this beloved character.

Trigger Lightning McQueen’s transformation with a simple mechanism in the back. Airplane wings pop out the sides, and jet-like engines pop out the back — with working LED lights. Missiles also appear below the wings, and when it’s time for exciting action, load the projectiles on each side and activate with a button on the launcher. Plus, Lightning McQueen Hawk sports an intense expression that shows he's ready to face any challenge!

This interactive Lightning McQueen vehicle has a built-in sensor, so he can detect how your kids play with him; then he makes sounds and speaks phrases corresponding to his movements. In automobile mode, hear him react to popping a wheelie (“Poppin’ a wheelie!”), driving backwards (reverse sounds), and flipping upside down (crash sounds). In airplane mode, he talks while banking left (“Bank left!”), barrel rolling (“Barrel roll!”), climbing (“Yeah! More throttle!”), and more. The commentary is nonstop, with more than 50 sounds and phrases! An easy on/off switch provides a silent option as well.

The two-in-one Lightning McQueen vehicle comes with two projectiles.

  • Transforms from car to plane mode with a simple mechanism
  • Features pop-out wings, engines, missiles, and lightning bolt visor
  • Built-in motion sensor lets him respond to movements with 50+ sounds and phrases
  • Lightning McQueen Hawk goes into “sleep” mode when left alone but wakes up with a push
  • Based on the exciting animated short Air Mater from Disney/Pixar
  • Kids can recreate favorite scenes and invent fun new adventures!

Buy It: You can purchase these Mattel Toys from the Mattel online shop.

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