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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Pros and Cons of Laser Eye Surgery

LASIK eye surgery has made a significant impact on the lives of many people. Following this surgical procedure many who previously relied on eyeglasses no longer need them to see. This has created a large group of people who are more secure with how they look now that they are no longer hidden behind glasses.

While an elective surgery, laser eye surgery can significantly enhance one’s life. It opens up many activities that once were made inconvenient when wearing classes. There are other pros to having this procedure. Following LASIK surgery most patients can return to work the following day and some patients find LASIK successful in restoring their peripheral vision; this sort of vision cannot be corrected by glasses. Unlike some other surgical procedures, LASIK is fairly inexpensive to have done. In the long run patients can realize savings from eyeglasses and other related expenses.

Despite all of the pros to having laser eye surgery there are some cons. While only about 1% of LASIK patients will experience complications the possibility is real. Potentially some LASIK patients will experience a decline in the quality of their vision. This is especially pronounced when trying to see details in dim lighting. This is a result of contrast sensitivity which occurs following the procedure. Vision can also be adversely affected at night. People may see multiple images as well as halos and starbursts. Sometimes these issues can be correct by a second surgery but sometimes they may remain. Some patients may not have complications initially following LASIK surgery however it is possible that some serious complications may arise later on. One of these can include loss of the cornea which is a serious problem. Sometimes the cornea can provide a hazy view, and the flap covering the cornea can also be dislocated.

Given these risks, some patients may prefer to continue wearing eyeglasses. Get Lenses is one online retailer that offers a wide range of lenses.

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