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Friday, December 14, 2012

Great Books for Everyone on Your List!

I am so excited to share with all of you a great selection of Amazon Publishing titles that are great for all the book lovers on your list this year!

This list includes books in the children’s, literature, memoir, cookbook, mystery and thriller, science fiction, women’s fiction, romance, and deluxe gift book categories.

For the budding book-lover:

In this timeless picture book, a new reader trudges through deep snow with a mysterious suitcase in tow. He has something important to share with his faithful companion, who bolts ahead to wait at the top of a tall hill. Our small hero climbs higher and higher, until finally, he is there, too. Then he opens his suitcase— click, click—and soon the only sound in the world is the sound of the reader reading their very favorite book to the very last page… the very last word.

For the Artist and Rebel:

An authentic, moving, and sometimes humorous portrait of coming-of-age in 1980s Cuba. Inspired by the diaries of Anne Frank and Ana├»s Nin, as well as the author’s own childhood journals, Everyone Leaves chronicles the life of young Nieve Guerra. Shuttled between her free-spirited mother and controlling, hard-drinking father, Nieve spends time in a military school as one of Fidel Castro’s “revolutionary Pioneers” before discovering herself as an artist. As her friends and family seek liberation in Europe or the United States, Nieve begins to build a life within the island’s artistic and intellectual circles. Author Wendy Guerra is a former child star in Cuba who has been named one of the “39 Most Influential Latin American Writers.”

For the Civil War hobbyist:

In their starred review, Booklist praised acclaimed The Spy Lover and novelist Kiana Davenport’s depiction of the Chinese immigrant experience in the American Civil War for its “resonance and impact…the compelling characters who tap readers’ emotions; the stark realities of battle; and the heroic men and women on both sides who persevered despite horrific conditions.” A novel of extraordinary scope, The Spy Lover is a paean to the transcendence of love and the resilience of the human spirit.

For the Holiday Traveler:

In Vlad All Over, Beth Orsoff transports us to Romania, where she tells the story of Los Angeles schoolteacher Gwen Andersen who has accepted a summer au pair position working for a mysterious and exceedingly wealthy single father. Gwen knows she should be thrilled. After all, Gwen adores little Isabella, and they’re camped out at an ancestral Romanian estate. Yet, Gwen can’t shake the nagging feeling that the arrangement might lead to more than she bargained for. What follows is a fast-paced tale of ancestral secrets, family feuds, and more than one surprise twist. This fun, engaging tale is a perfect escape for the hectic holiday travel season.

For the Wine-Loving Romantic:

Regan Martin stopped believing in Christmas miracles six years ago when she lost everything—her house, her job, and her impeccable reputation in the wine industry—when she fell in love with a man she had no idea was married. Then, Regan gets a chance for a fresh start in the Napa Valley. With her dream job, a dream home, and her daughter enrolled in a wonderful new school, she starts wondering if holiday wishes really do come true. But, Regan soon tumbles back down to earth when she learns that her new boss is none other than Gabe DeLuca, the scorned wife’s brother. Gabe wants nothing more than home-wrecking Regan out of his life, his sister’s world, and his family’s business. Yet his attempts to run her out of town are thwarted when he sees that Regan may hold the key to tracking down his sister’s stolen start-up capital. Even worse for Gabe, the beautiful Regan might just hold the key to his heart, and be the one true wish he covets this Christmas.

For the Dreamer Who Loved “Miracle on 34th Street”

USA Today bestselling author Catherine Bybee treats readers to a perfect romantic holiday story that takes place from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day in Not Quite Dating. Jessica “Jessie” Mann, a hardworking waitress who is practical to a fault, is determined to provide her son with a more secure upbringing than the one she had. When Jack Morrison, a sexy yet seemingly broke customer with a cowboy hat and a seductive grin tries to flirt with her, Jessie shoots him down. She has serious doubts that a carefree dreamer could provide the financial stability she and her son need. Yet, over time, the charming Texan proves harder to resist. In reality, Jack is heir to the Morrison luxury hotel empire. But, a recent spate of failed romances has made him all too aware that he needs to find a partner who will fall in love with him—not his wealth. Jack has his sights set on Jessie; though, her hardened heart and his desire to conceal his true net worth just might get in the way.

For the Sentimental Romantic:

Anna DeStefano presents a touching Christmas story about love, loss, and healing—and the joys of coming home. A childhood spent on the streets leaves Mallory Phillips longing for a normal life and a perfect Christmas. Now an elementary school nurse in Chandlerville, Georgia, Mallory’s dream to blend into the picturesque community isn’t working out. She’s once more living a loner’s existence. Emotionally fragile seven-year-old Polly Lombard is spending her first Christmas without her mother, when she appears in Mallory’s living room in the middle of the night. She won’t utter a word to anyone—except Mallory, who she believes holds the key to helping her father overcome his sadness. Can the spirit of Christmas heal these broken souls and bring them all the joyous, loving holiday they deserve?

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