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Monday, December 17, 2012

Esio Hot & Cold Beverage System

I am not a big soda/pop drinker on a normal basis but sometimes I do crave something a little more sugary or something with a little more taste than plain water! However, I just can't justify paying the prices of pop/soda, juice and other flavored beverages these days!

So when I saw the Esio Hot & Cold Beverage System, I knew I would love it! There are so many advantages to the Esio over other at-home beverage systems - the biggest being that it does cold AND hot beverages interchangeably! I love that because sometimes my husband will want a cold beverage but right after that I may want a hot one! The Esio can handle them both with ease...and without mixing flavors of different drinks!

The Esio Hot & Cold Beverage System is a countertop unit that has the ability to dispense a large variety of your favorite hot and cold beverages. Esio's drop'ndrink™ technology allows users to instantly switch from cold lemonade to freshly-brewed hot coffee with no taste crossover.

The Esio uses Esio E-Paks which deliver up to 14 8-oz. servings of your favorite name brand hot or cold beverage. Esio E-Paks are MultiServe, so you can use them over and over again until they are empty. Since they reseal automatically after you use them, they last for a year and require no refrigeration. Check out the great selection of drinks you can pick from for the Esio:

Coffees made in the Esio are not instant coffee. They are made with the world's finest beans, roasted and brewed fresh, and then concentrated and captured in every Esio E-Pak. Whether you like a robust coffee, decaf or flavored coffee from Maxwell House or Barista Brothers, there's an E-Pak for you.
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Esio offers a wide variety of traditional and flavored teas, brewed fresh from the finest leaves and captured in our E-Paks. Whether you like the bold flavor of Diet Brisk iced tea, the robust flavor of Barista Brothers hot teas, or the full-flavored taste of China Mist iced teas, you're sure to find a brand and a flavor you love.

Sports Drinks
Everybody loves sports drinks. They replace vital nutrients and electrolytes you lose from physical activity or just the daily grind. Sqwincher Zero gives you great taste and puts back what your body needs, but without all the sugar and calories that you get in other sports drinks.

Juice Drinks
If you're looking for juice drinks, you're going to love the options for Esio from V8 Splash and Apple & Eve. Whether it's a tart cranberry, a traditional apple, or a juice blend you're craving, there's an E-Pak waiting for you.

There are 5 varieties of Crystal Light made for Esio, so whether you're looking for a flavored tea, an energy drink or a Mocktail, you'll find it. Everyone loves Country Time lemonade; it's a refreshing break anytime. If a fitness water is more your speed, try the boost you'll get from Vita-24's Mixed Berry fitness water.

The best part about this system is that it provides significant cost savings because each Esio drink serving is much more affordable (about $.40 per 8-oz. serving) than single-serve bottled beverages that you purchase at the store!

The magic of the Esio Hot & Cold Beverage System is the pump at the end of every Esio beverage E-Pak. Simply drop in your favorite E-Pak, set the patented Strength Selector for the strength you want, and press and hold the blue/cold button or the red/hot button to pour as large or as small a drink as you'd like. The E-Pak automatically dispenses your beverage and mixes it in mid-air with refrigerated water or piping-hot water to make "Your Drink. Your Way. Right Away." You can switch back and forth between E-Paks, and there's never any taste crossover.

Then put your E-Pak away and reuse it until it is empty - it automatically self-seals, so it lasts for up to a year, no refrigeration required.

Plus, it is easy to find! The Esio Hot & Cold Beverage system is now available in 2,400 Walmart stores across the U.S. and for retail value of $199!

So hurry over to your local Walmart retailer and get this great gift for pretty much anyone on your gift list! It just may be the "it" gift of the year!

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