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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Great Health Foods for the Holidays!

We all know eating around the holidays is usually cookies, treats, turkey, meats, carbs, food, food, and more food! So today I want to make sure to highlight two great health food companies that offer great products that can be used this holiday to keep you eating healthy...even when it is really hard!

Hey Shuga! is an amazing new organic sweetener that is sure to be every baker's must-have! Caribbean Liquid Sugar produces organic cane sugar syrup that is pure and is made by mimicking the way bees make honey. Professional bakeries have kept Hey Shuga! as a trade secret for years love it because it speeds up baking time by 30%, it improves texture, shows better browning, and baked goods stay fresh 20% longer. Bakers on your holiday shopping list will jump for joy when they receive Hey Shuga!, the gift that’s both thoughtful and sweet!

I love the HEY SHUGA! 12 oz- ORGANIC SUGAR CANE SYRUP and LIL' SHUGA! 8.5 oz. that they offer because they are both organic and I feel great feeding them to my family! The cane syrup is great for pancakes, waffles and so much more and the Lil' Shuga is great for substituting into all our holiday treats!

Linwoods is the perfect gift of health to show your loved one how much you care. Linwoods produces a unique range of organic ground and blended seeds and berries, which provide a tasty and easy way to introduce all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids needed to support a well balanced and active lifestyle. Linwoods products are sourced in their raw form from around the world and are selected from the best suppliers and growers to ensure the highest quality and standards. All ingredients are natural, organic and turn any meal at any time of the day in to a tasty and nutritious meal bursting with essential fatty acids, protein, iron, calcium, magnesium and essential vitamins and minerals.

I have used Linwoods Organic Hemp and Organic Flaxseed in my children's food and our baked goods for weeks and I love how much added protein, iron and dietary fiber it adds to our diet without any added taste or flavor - nobody even knew I was putting it into the food but their bodies sure loved it! :)

Buy It: You can purchase both Linwoods and Hey Shuga! products on their respective websites.

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