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Thursday, December 13, 2012

K-J Recommends Mobile App

One of my favorite things to drink with my holiday meals is a nice glass of wine! However, I am not really good at knowing what wine to pair with what foods! That is why I am so excited now have this great Kendall-Jackson mobile app: K-J Recommends!

With the table set, menu fixed, and guests invited, the last step to making a party great is choosing the right wine. Most apps and experts suggest pairing your wine with protein, but that isn’t the only way. From the Kendall-Jackson family of wines come K-J Recommends, a new, free wine pairing and education mobile app to help you pick the right wine that pairs with both your mood and your food!

Top features include:
· Pair with Mood - Get Expert Recommendations – Put in your social preferences and let Kendall-Jackson’s team of experts help you choose the best wine that pairs with your mood occasion. Or scan your Facebook profile to find out the perfect wine based on your interests.

· Pair with Food – Discover Colors & Flavors – Try K-J’s revolutionary color pairing approach, which pairs wine based on the color of garden-grown foods; K-J will then explain the wines that best compliment those characteristics.

· Visit K-J – Make your way to the winery! Join the Jackson family at the Kendall-Jackson Wine Estate in Santa Rosa, CA or connect with K-J online through their social channels, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

· Cross-platform – Use K-J Recommends on both iPhone and Android devices

As one of the first US wineries to release a mobile wine app, K-J Recommends is the perfect tool for all your holiday wine pairing.

The K-J Recommends app is one of the first apps I downloaded onto my new Android phone! It really helped me figure out what foods or moods to match the tasty Vitner's Reserve Chardonnay & Grand Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon with!

I now feel like a wine connosseiur all with the help of the K-J Recommends app! Get it today on your phone and never feel lost when it comes to wine again!

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* Thank you to Kendall-Jackson for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*