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Thursday, January 24, 2013


Today, I am so excited to share with all of YOU one of the most genius ideas out there for recycling, saving money, and having something that is useful for multiple uses all year long! I am so excited to share with you the BagDri, a revolutionary new kitchen product that has so many uses and is so easy to store at the same time!

Its main use is to help save money on plastic bags by resusing them and making it easier to wash and then dry the plastic bags on the BagDri! The idea of Bagdri developed when it became apparent that there was not enough window knobs and utensils in the dish strainer to accommodate the drying of recycled freezer bags. There are other ideas out there but none seemed to keep the bags open so that air could circulate for shorter drying time and for that reason the creators came up with the “Ari Dri Wings”. Bagdri is now able to help people to conveniently and easily reuse something that normally is used once and thrown away.

I grew up washing and re-washing the large plastic freezer bags to save on money for our large family. I absolutely HATED doing it because the bags never dried right and they were always wet and smelly for weeks after because we had no convenient way to dry them! I just remember wet plastic bags just laying everywhere and flying on the floor and I HATED IT! What a mess it all made! Thank goodness for the BagDri because NO ONE has an excuse not to re-use plastic baggies again and save a little money!

You can even dry multiple bags at once and I just can't get over how great it is to store! I don't have to find a place for a big bulky drying rack. NOPE, it folds up so flat and can fit in any drawer, little spot, or anywhere you want! They have thought of everything when it comes to convenience with the BagDri!

My other favorite part about the BagDri is how many uses it has!! You all know how much I LOVE multi-use products and the BagDri is definitely one of them! Its uses are as many as you your imagination can come up with from drying bags, to bottles, baby products like pacifiers and toys and most importantly this winter - GLOVES! (Another thing I have never quite found a good way to dry quickly!) Just set it over the heater with the gloves on it and they will be dry before you know it!

So this year as you look over your budget and realize you need to cut back in a few places...consider getting BagDri and saving on plastic bags along with making a difference for our Earth and environment by helping to reduce the number of plastic sandwich and freezer bags getting into landfills! What's great about it is that you will use it for so much more around the house!

Check out this video below to see how it works!

Buy It: You can purchase the BagDri in two different sizes for either $17.99 for 8 posts or $15.99 for 6 posts on the BagDri website.

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* I was compensated for this review and also I received a complimentary item to facilitate my review. However, all my thoughts and opinions on this products are my own and 100% honest. *


Sarah Park said...

These are absolutely convenient and does not take too much space.