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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bob Books

I am an avid reader, but sadly my husband is not. I was really hoping that when we had our son that he would be more like me in this aspect and would love to read just like me... and I am so happy to say HE DOES! He looks forward to our "reading time" together every day and he easily caught on to his letters, spelling and writing his name and even talking. 

Lately, he has been pretending to read the books himself so I knew he was ready to actually start to read by himself! I knew of Bob Books and their reputation for helping children read preceded them! I really wanted to try them to see if it could help my son get started! 

Bob Books were developed to foster the earliest steps in reading and give children books that encourage the joy of learning through simplicity, consistency and warmth. These carefully graduated books introduce reading sounds logically and progressively. The success of Bob Books lies in the millions of happy readers who have said "I read the whole book!"

Bob Books were developed as a step-by-step program to guide your child gently through the early stages of reading. Each level addresses a stage in a child's reading development.

This carefully crafted, simple, and progressive approach to learning assures children success and confidence from their very earliest reading experience. These boxed sets are the bestselling Bob Books first introduced 35 years ago.

Bob Books Set 1
Beginning Readers
Guide your child in their first steps into reading with Bob Books Set 1.

Bob Books Set 2
Advancing Beginners
Continue to build confidence in earliest reading skills with Bob Books Set 2.

Bob Books Set 3
Word Families
Progress into longer words with Bob Books Set 3.

Bob Books Set 4
Complex Words
Stories foster steps into more complex vocabulary in Set 4.

Bob Books Set 5
Long Vowels
Explore long vowels and improve reading fluency in Set 5.

After consulting with the BOB Books contact, we determined that my son was ready to begin with the Bob Books Set 1. 

These Beginning Readers were very simple. With only four letters in the first book, my son learned to sound out all the words, and read the whole book. These books slowly introduced new letter sounds, using consistency, repetition and stories that fit short attention spans and my son quickly caught on and was so proud to tell and show everyone that he could read A WHOLE BOOK all by himself! It was such a proud moment as a mother!

If you think your child is ready to move on to bigger and brighter things like reading books all by themselves, check out the Bob Books website to help you determine which level books they should start out on and if they are ready to start reading on their own! It is a very exciting and proud time in both the child's life and yours as a parent!

Buy It: You can purchase all sets of Bob Books on the Bob Books website

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