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Friday, January 25, 2013

Book Review: Side Effect: Skinny

Side Effect: Skinny
Denise Austin’s Fat-Blast Diet
by Denise Austin

If you are still looking for that perfect diet that will help you lose those stubborn pounds in this new year, check out the new book from Denise Austin, Side Effect: Skinny and see if it is a good fit for you! I think it is a great book, it is easy to follow and the diet and exercise regime she recommends is healthy way to lose weight and still allows you to splurge once in awhile (that is the best part!).

Denise Austin, the internationally renowned guru known as “America’s favorite fitness expert,” understands women’s wants, needs, and the hurdles that they face. In her newest book, Side Effect: Skinny (Bird Street Books, Inc.), Austin shares her secret fat-blast diet and healthy, delicious eating plans, alongside her fun and effective workout regimens.

A culmination of Austin’s decades of research and experience getting real-life women to look and feel their very best, Side Effect: Skinny introduces easy-to-implement weight loss solutions and simple yet powerful methods that encourage women of all ages to stay fit. Redefining the word “skinny,” Austin proves that you don’t need to be a stick figure to look amazing and live healthy.

Possessing straightforward, real-life health tips, meal plans, and fitness solutions, Side Effect: Skinny reveals:

· The Top SideEffect: Skinny Foods: Austin shares her top picks for nutrient dense foods that actually look like the part of the body they help! Visualize to melt away the pounds and boost health inside and out with foods like juicy red tomatoes (great for the heart!) and crunchy almonds (perfect for strong nails!)

· How to Jump Start Weight Loss: With Austin’s custom meal plans, it’s possible to safely and easily jump start weight loss – even to lose up to 10 lbs. in the first 3 weeks

· Favorite Recipes and Fat-Blasting Workout Plans: All of the homework is done for you as Austin reveals must-know weight-loss tips and tricks, great shopping lists, and exciting exercises, like interval training and 7-Minute Slimmer plans… plus her all-time favorite recipes that she enjoys with her own family!

· How to Stay Forever Fit: Austin provides a useful lifestyle guide revealing how to eat to be forever “skinny,” so that you’re always taken care of

· Solutions for On-the-Go, Busy Women: No place is off limits for losing weight – Austin reveals how to burn extra calories whether you’re in the car, kitchen, or office, to whittle the middle and tone the muscles from head to toe

Buy It: You can purchase Side Effect: Skinny for $16.44 from

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