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Monday, January 21, 2013

Canvas Tablet

Do you have small children who just LOVE TO take away your technology (laptop, iPads, tablets, cell phones, etc) when you are using it? Even my 9 month old pulls on my laptop and cell phone, pushed buttons and throws it across the room. Don't you wish they had their own?????

Well now they can! There is a company thinking about your children AND trying to save your technology by creating a Tablet that is made just for children: the Canvas Tablet!

The proliferation of tablet computers has changed our perception of technology. No longer a novelty, tablets have become a staple in many households enjoyed by the entire family – from toddlers to seniors. Children are especially captivated by the touchscreen technology. They enjoy the age-appropriate games and love the sense of accomplishment they get from using an adult toy. But most of all they like the feeling of being just like mom and dad.. In fact, kids are so intrigued with tablets that some parents use theirs like a pacifier, giving their child access in exchange for a little peace and quiet. But when they do, it’s always with a bit of trepidation: a good tablet can be expensive and children can be careless. Canvas Tablets provide a low-cost antidote to the dilemma.

Canvas Tablets, new Android Tablets from the Pardo Group, of Washington, DC, provide an excellent alternative for parents who would like to introduce their children to computers and educational software programs. Toy manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon, producing tablets just for kids. But most toy tablets have fewer features and less functionality than a Canvas Tablet, and a child-like look that is quickly outgrown. Kids enjoy playing with them, but when all is said and done, they still gravitate to their parents’ more sophisticated devices.

With over 500,000 apps for Android tablets available for download on the Google Play Store, kids using Canvas Tablets are not limited to a toymaker’s programs. Parents can download new programs whenever their child is ready for new challenges. Kids can play with the same apps they love on their parents’ tablets, read books, watch movies, take photos or send an email from their Canvas Tablet. Perfect for children ages 4 to 12, Canvas Tablets have the sleek look and the functionality of “grown-up” tablets, and at the everyday retail prices of $125 for the 7” Canvas Maximo, and $100 for the 7” Canvas Minimo, Canvas Tablets are more affordable than many of the Toy tablets on the market today. Making them the perfect entry-level device.

Canvas Tablets are powered by the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) operating system, they support video formats up to 1080p, Google Play, Google Play Video, Google Play Music, Gmail and more. They are Wi-Fi ready and come in a choice of red, black or white.

So, stop giving your child your personal tablets to wreck and ruin. Get them their own Canvas Tablet and have many happy hours and many happy children! These look like just adult tablets so they will feel like a grown up when they are using it! Plus, they are affordable and they offer a lot of games and educational apps!

Buy It: You can purchase Canvas Tablets exclusively online at starting at $100 for the Canvas Minimo.

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Happy Monday Gorgeous!
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