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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Coupons at Checkout

These days most shopping is done online! Why not, right? You never have to leave your house, get the kids dressed, venture out in the cold, drive on snowy and dangerous streets, or stand in line!

But what you do miss out online sometimes is using coupons. You don't get online coupons in the newspaper or in the mail like you do store coupons. But I do have a great new app to introduce to you today that you will never know how you lived without when you shop online! I am so excited to shop online now and so WILL YOU!

I can now find and use coupons for almost any site without Googling or searching for hours with Coupons at Checkout. This ingenious new app eliminates the headaches and hassle of searching for coupon codes and instead delivers them to you right when you need them, directly on the checkout page!

Check out the great video above to see how it works! I downloaded it right away and tried it on my favorite websites...and TADA!!! I was saving money like crazy and saving time too!

After a one-time install, Coupons at Checkout automatically pops up a dialog box anytime you click in the coupon/promo code box on the checkout page at thousands of online retailers. The dialog box lists all available coupon codes, including details and user feedback, so that you know the likelihood for success with each code. I loved being able to see other user feedback and the reliability of the code so I knew which one to use or try first!

You can find out more info and download the app for yourself at You will never know how you lived without it!

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* This post is brought to you by Coupons at Checkout. All opinions are 100% honest and completely mine!*