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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

GoPicnic Gold Meals

Since I have moved back to where all my family lives, I have found myself and my family on the go more than ever! And to be honest, it can be really hard to stay healthy and eat healthy on the go!

That is why I have always loved the products from GoPicnic and really appreciate all that they provide in their meals and all that they stand for! They want to provide healthy meal options on-the-go that contain no trans fats, no high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and no added monosodium glutamate (MSG). I really appreciate how they strive to cater to any special diet, whether its all natural, gluten-free, kosher, vegan, or vegetarian, to ensure you will have a great tasting meal at any time.

And the concept of their products is GENIUS! It's a picnic. It's ready to go. It's a ready-to-go picnic! When you're hungry and on the go - in the park, on a plane, or at your desk - you want a tasty, simple meal that's ready to eat. But since you don't have space in your backpack or laptop bag for a wicker basket, they created this nutritious picnic in a handy box. No refrigeration required. Just add a drink and chow down.

I received a couple of their All-Natural Gold Star Meals and they all contained unique and really delicious foods that were gone before I knew it! The delicious prepared food in GoPicnic All-Natural Meals is free from trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, added MSG, artificial flavors and colors (just like all of their tasty, nutritionally balanced meals and snacks), and has no artificial preservatives either!

Each of these quick, healthy meals feature fiber and protein-packed foods, such as multi-seed crackers paired with creamy hummus or lemon pepper tuna, and organic crackers topped with gourmet peanut butter or tangy chili lime salmon for a nutritionally balanced meal. I felt good everytime I reached for a snack or meal from GoPicnic!

All of the Gold Star are premium, all natural, nutritionally balanced meals under 500 calories all ready to just open and enjoy! Check out the varieties from the Gold Star Line below:
Three-Bean Dip + Rice Chips
450 Calories • 8g Protein • 7g Fiber
A Premium Ready to Eat Meal!

Price: $2.99 each!
BBQ Beef Stick & Cheese Crackers

A Premium Ready to Eat Meal!
350 Calories • 10g Protein • 2g Fiber

Price: $5.99 each!
Edamame Kale Dip & Plantain Chips
A Premium Ready to Eat Meal!
370 Calories • 8g Protein • 6g Fiber

A balanced meal featuring edamame kale dip
with hints of ginger & sesame, crispy roasted 
plantain chips, ginger zip fruit & nut mix, 
a tropical 100% fruit strip, and a chocolate 
coconut raw bar for dessert!

Price: $5.99 each!
Almond Butter & Crackers
 480 Calories • 10g Protein • 7g Fiber

Price: $5.99 each!

So next time you are heading out for vacation, travel or know you are going to be on the go a lot but don't want to sacrifice healthy foods and eating naturally, check out the really delicious and fun selection of unique foods and meals from GoPicnic! I have never been disappointed with the taste or selection from GoPicnic! (In fact, my husband, the kids, and I sometimes fight over who gets what from GoPicnic!)

Buy It: You can purchase all GoPicnic Gold meals from the GoPicnic website.

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lisa @ ipad mini said...

Pretty cool stuff.. i wanna try these.. picnic or not :)