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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Munchkin's New Safety Accessories & Giveaway

The exciting news in our house over the Christmas break is that our baby girl started crawling! I have mixed feelings about this development....Although, I am happy that she has hit this milestone, I also dislike the dangers that come with it! She has already started getting into EVERYTHING and ANYTHING! It is amazing how they only choose to play with the few things that they ARE NOT supposed to play with instead of the millions of toys they have lying right in front of them!

So who has come to my rescue? One of my favorite baby brands: Munchkin!

Munchkin, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of infant and toddler products, has recently launched a new line of safety accessories. Specially designed to offer simple yet effective childproofing solutions, the new safety items provide parents with the peace of mind in knowing that their child will be protected from potential hazards at home.

Munchkin’s new safety accessories offer contemporary features that are new or improved to the marketplace, such as smooth, no-grip Plug Covers to prevent a child from tampering while also offering a camouflage look for the home, and Drawer & Cabinet Latches that are more child resistant than other single latch designs. Many of the new childproofing tools are also customizable, to help conceal potential safety threats specific to a parent’s needs.

My favorite baby proofing product from Munchkin is their Quick Install Gate. It is, in my opinion, a must for all parents of babies especially if you have stairs in your house!
This safety gate features an easy to use, innovative locking arm that eliminates guesswork and allows for a custom fit to virtually any space for the ultimate in peace of mind. Unlike most similar gates that use a wood locking arm, the Quick-Install Gate’s arm is made of plastic, which allows for 50% more precise adjustments and a safer fit. The locking arms also retain the width of the opening so it’s easy to secure the gate back into place within seconds after the lock has been disengaged.

• Wider wood frame increases strength and stability
• Oversized rubber mounts increase surface area for better traction
• One handed locking mechanism
• Up to 50% more precise 1/4” width adjustment for a safer, better fit
• Installs in seconds, no tools required
• Quick release lever mechanism remembers doorway width

Price: $29.99
Along with the baby gates, Munchkin also have a couple other new babyproofing accessories that I love to have to keep my baby safe!

  • Childproofing Kit (SRP $11.99): An all-in-one package that includes 25 essentials; 1 XtraGuard™ Dual Purpose Door Stopper, 4 XtraGuard™ Energy Absorbing Corner Cushions, 8 Cabinet & Drawer Latches and 12 opaque Plug Covers
    The Plug Covers have a smooth, non-grip design which helps prevent young children from tampering with plug when installed. Specially designed to go unnoticed by children, the opaque design of the Plug Covers blends in with most standard outlets and room decor. The Soft Impact Corner Cushions are designed to wrap around the corners of a piece of furniture to offer true corner protection. An internal bubble/crumple zone collapses under impact to absorb energy. Installation is quick and simple. The 2-in-1 design of the Dual Purpose Door Stopper helps prevent injuries from door slams and can be used to prop open doors. The V-shaped design works on most standard doors, pocket doors and sliding doors.

  • XtraGuard™ Safety Lock Plug Covers (SRP $3.49): Equipped with an integrated locking mechanism, the non-grip design of these covers can be unlocked with an edged-tool, such as a coin

  • 4-Pack Corner Cushions (SRP $7.99): A rounded foam corner design provides maximum protection, and combines with Straight Edge Cushions to provide complete edge and corner protection

  • Door Cushion (SRP $3.49): Cushions against door slams by providing a minimum gap between the door and door frame
Buy It: You can purchase Munchkin’s safety accessories at retailers nationwide. For more information or a list of retailers near you, please visit

Win It: Munchkin is generously offering (1) Safety Accessories pack (Childproofing Kit + several other accessories) to a lucky winner!

Enter here for a chance to win:
(1) Munchkin Safety Accessories pack 
(Childproofing Kit + several other baby proofing accessories)
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