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Monday, February 4, 2013

Biggest Loser 30-Day Power X-Train & Giveaway

If you are a fan of the hit show, The Biggest Loser, then I have just the workout DVD for you today: Biggest Loser 30-Day Power X-Train.

I have never watched the TV series but I know the trainers and have worked out to their DVDs before. So I wanted to try out this DVD and see what it had to offer. And I really liked it! 

You will take it up a notch with the fat-burning moves in 30-Day Power X-Train! You’ve seen contestants drop pounds on NBC’s hit series “The Biggest Loser” and now it’s your turn! Using cross-training and core movements, you’re going to shed unwanted pounds, burn maximum calories, and tone and tighten your legs, abs and arms for a total-body workout. Get ready to sweat with trainers Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince as they challenge every muscle in your body.

This DVD is divided into these sections:

WARM-UP: Get moving and prepare your body for an intense cross-training workout designed to burn fat, tighten and tone.

METABOIC CIRCUIT: Keep your heart rate up with a metabolic circuit-training workout as you alternate between strength and cardio movements. This nonstop, no-recovery workout is sure to burn mega calories.

POWER TRAINING: A total-body workout designed to build strength, speed an powerful muscles with core moves and plyometrics.

ALL ABOUT REPS: Build strength and drop inches with this fast-paced cross-training program that utilizes cardio bursts and muscle toning.

COOLDOWN: Slow your heart rate and soothe tight muscles through deep stretches.

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It's all done in a simple one-minute-per-exercise format — you just keep moving for one minute, then proceed to the next routine. The first section combines traditional aerobics with functional fitness (moves that build strength for everyday activities). The next segment has an “athletic training” feel; it alternates higher-impact cardio with core-focused toning. Finally, “All About Reps” is a fast-paced series of squats, lunges burpees and jumps. Requires 2 to 5 lb. dumbbells.

There are two things I really like about this DVD:

1) The people working out with the trainers are REAL people. They are not stick skinny, they are working hard, they are sweating, they are tired like I am, and they even occasionally slack or cheat like I do when I am tired! I love to see real people, in real sizes, working out really hard to lose weight like I am! It is inspiring and doesn't make me feel fat or bad about myself like some people they feature working out on workout videos.

2) These workouts are only 15 minutes each but they are pretty hardcore so you get your 15 minutes worth! They aren't the hardest workouts I have ever done so I wouldn't recommend it for advanced exercisers and they are definitely not as hard as Bob Harper's other solo DVDs. But, when I need a quick workout that makes me sweat and work hard, I choose this one!

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