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Thursday, March 14, 2013


I don't know about you and your families this cold/flu season, but it hit our family HARD. It seemed my children were sick with something new every week and it was really draining!

I really wish I would have had the Powerimmune at the beginning of the winter - it would have saved me a lot of sleep, sickness and stress! It is seriously amazing and has kept my children and husband sick-free since we started using it daily!

In this day and age so many things weaken our immune system, from drinking a soda to stress, from a lack of exercise to not enough sleep. Your immune system is one of the primary drivers for keeping you healthy, so it is important to ensure your immune system is working at its full potential.

Powerimmune is the perfect supplement for those who want to keep their immune system at full power to help their body quickly fight off anything that it may encounter. It is all-natural, vegan, certified organic, and made with only the highest grade ingredients. Take it daily to boost your immune system and promote a healthy and high energy lifestyle, or taken it when you feel under the weather and need to bounce back quickly.

Powerimmune is an herbal extract of the 12 most powerful immune boosting herbs that in synergy create a very potent and uniquely full-spectrum support for the immune system. It is the only such formula that is made with only organic ingredients.

The herbs in Powerimmune have been part of western and eastern traditional medicine for thousands of years, but never before have they been combined into one full-spectrum immune booster. The complexity of the formula and the certified quality of the ingredients make for one very powerful supplement, celebrated for over five years by our customers worldwide.

I'll be honest...the taste is AWFUL but my whole family agrees, if it helps them feel better, they can get over the taste for a few minutes a day! I mix it in to my children's oatmeal, drinks, or sometimes straight under the tongue! You can definitely taste and smell the onion and garlic but the mix is everything I want to give my family when they are sick without all the hassle. I just have to give them a couple drops at the sign of any sickness and it is usually gone by morning. My husband recently got really sick and I gave him Powerimmune several times a day and he was back to work the next day after being bedridden the day before! I am truly a believer! :)

Buy It: You can purchase Powerimmune starting at $5.99 from the Fitura website or at a local store near you!

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