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Friday, March 8, 2013

The Monkey Mat

Our children are our world, and when your world is so valuable and precious to you, yet malleable and fragile, you honorably and willingly become their protector and guide. In serving both roles, it is important to find a balance between protecting your world yet allowing it to grow.

So that is why I always take pride in sharing great products that help parents protect but allow their children to thrive and grow at the same time!

Today, I am sharing a really helpful, family-friendly product that will assist every parent in the most important roles they play in their lives--- The Monkey Mat.

From rolling on their backs to crawling on their hands, then working their way through stumbling, tumbling then walking on their little feet, The Monkey Mat’s durable and diverse nature can be used for all the stages of a child’s life and the family experience. Its spacious 5’x5’ frame allows a comfortable picnic at the park for the whole family. It’s conveniently designed water repelled body with four weights on each corner creates an amazing time spent on even the breeziest days on the beach. With loops purposely placed in the center of the mat where toys can be attached and played with, this ensures play time with your child whether indoor or outdoor will be safe, sanitary, and fun with The Monkey Mat.

I have tried taking blankets to the beach or on a picnic, and they always blow away the minute someone gets up. I spend more time holding the blanket down then enjoying the day with my children! So, my favorite part about the Monkey Mat is that it has the the four weights at each corner to hold it down! Plus, the loops hold all my daughter's favorite toys!

It is a nice generous size and my daughter instantly loved crawling and playing on it! :) It will fit the whole family if we wanted to have a picnic or watch fireworks!

Best of all, it is super portable! I don't use a diaper bag but use my purse as a carry-all for my children and me! So I don't have much room for any more baby stuff....But this Monkey Mat folds up into a small square and is lightweight so even I have room to carry it with us!

If you have been looking for a waterproof solution to blankets blowing away at the park or beach, grab The Monkey Mat today and carry it easily in your stroller, purse, diaper bag or in the back of the car so you have it whenever you might need it!

Buy It: You can purchase The Monkey Mat for $39.99 at

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* Thank you to The Monkey Mat for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*


Cherelynn said...

TGIF Purty! The Monkey Mat would have been helpful when my son was young!
Shabbat Shalom! Woo hoo! Not only is it the weekend-it’s spring break!
How is your family planning to spend the vacation time?
Hope whatever you wind up doing is super awesome!
Ciao ciao for now!
P.S. Did you see “How to DiY Bridal Makeup” on Amazon yet?