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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

20th Anniversary Collection from Cedarmont Kids

We love music in our house! We are listening to music almost all day long but I do get tired of finding "kid-friendly" music that my children can listen to and when I do find it, we listen to it so much it gets old fast.

If you are in the same situation as I am, then let me recommend the 20th Anniversary Collection (6 CD/1 DVD) from Cedarmont Kids. It contains 6 CDs that are full of fun, kid-friendly songs and when you get tired of listening to one you can choose any of the other five!! It has been great in our house and I never have to worry about my children picking up bad words - only great ones! :)

The 20th Anniversary Collection includes 96 songs on six CDs, along with a commemorative sixteen-page booklet that includes information about the history of the Cedarmont series, plus lyrics for all the songs. The six CDs include split-track versions of every song so that kids can sing along, karaoke-style. The collection is housed in a SpindlePak design that secures the CDs on an internal spindle. In addition to the six CDs, the collection includes a bonus one-hour DVD of 22 songs from the Cedarmont library.

Since its founding 20 years ago, Cedarmont Kids has sold over 21 million albums and built a broad customer base by focusing on well-known classic songs and selling their products at affordable prices. Their diversified catalog now features 46 CDs on five labels: Cedamont Kids® Classics, Cedarmont Kids Gospel®, Cedarmont NiƱos®, Cedarmont Baby®, and Cedarmont Worship for Kids®. Fifteen of these titles were Spanish releases. They have also developed a series of eleven DVDs, which are live-action, sing-along versions of the audio recordings. Owners Mike and Sue Gay believe that staying consistent has helped the brand to grow over the past two decades.

My favorite part of this Collection is the PRICE! Kids CDs tend to be expensive but you can get this entire 6 pack collection for only $15.98!! That is the price of ONE CD sometimes! I love that!

Buy It: You can purchase the 20th Anniversary Collection from Cedarmont Kids for $15.98 from Amazon.com starting April 23, 2013

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