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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Amy's Kitchen

I am so excited that one of my favorite eco-friendly and organic food companies is part of our Earth Month event! Amy's Kitchen offers some of my son's favorite foods and now my daughter is also loving their food as well! On special nights (and nights that I can't get the energy to cook...) we serve delicious food to our family like burritos, pocket sandwiches, soup, and so much more and I don't even feel bad doing it because Amy's is totally committed to producing truly delicious, easily prepared meals made with non-GMO and organic ingredients...JUST LIKE I DO! It is like having my own personal chef when I want one! :)

In 1987, they started Amy’s Kitchen to produce delicious, nourishing organic convenience foods for health-conscious people who are sometimes too busy to cook. Amy’s is a family-run business, and they supervise every aspect of their business and take pride in customer satisfaction. All the fruits, vegetables and grains they use are grown organically, without the use of insecticides, GMOs and other harmful chemicals. They prepare these natural ingredients with the same careful attention in our kitchen as you would in your own home.

It is an exciting year for Amy's because they are celebrating their 25th successful year! Amy's introduced its first product, Vegetable Pot Pie, in 1988. Today the company offers more than 250 products ranging from an international array of frozen entrees, burritos, wraps and bowls, to soups, beans, salsa and pasta sauce, as well as sweet endings, including cakes, cookies and candy bars.

In a contemporary nod to its humble beginnings, Amy’s is introducing a Gluten Free Vegetable Pot Pie this year, as well as expanding its line to include a classic American treat, Brownies. Both will debut in Spring 2013.

Also, they have added two new meals to their award-winning Light & Lean line: Quinoa & Black Beans with Butternut Squash & Chard and Mattar Paneer. The new meals are available nationally starting in March 2013. Two additional Light & Lean options, Macaroni & Cheese and Roasted Vegetable Pizza, are expected to hit supermarket freezers in May 2013. These convenient, low calorie, single-serve meals are made with the same organic ingredients and high standards for taste and quality as Amy’s regular entrees.

I received some AMAZING products from Amy's Kitchen for my family to enjoy! I love serving Amy's Kitchen products to my children because 1) They are made from organic and natural ingredients without GMO's and 2) That means I don't have to cook! :)

We received and tried out some great products that we hadn't had before like Broccoli & Cheddar Bake, Organic Alphabet Soup, and Andy's Dandy Candy Bars.

When I told my son that he was going to eat soup that alphabet letters in it, he was so excited! He had so much fun finding all the letters in the soup and he loved the taste too! (as you can tell!) 

I personally really enjoyed the new Andy's Dandy Candy bars! I loved that they were certified organic but still tasted like many of the mainstream candy bars...but without all the icky and harmful ingredients!

And of course, both my children really enjoyed their normal favorites: the great varieties of Burritos, Pocket Sandwiches, and one of their new favorites: Pizza Snacks!

I have also enjoyed cooking with the Cream of Mushroom & Tomato soups!

So, as you can see, Amy's Kitchen has one of the best varieties of food choice for families and they are all so trustworthy and DELICIOUS! They are a favorite in our house and I bet they will become a favorite in your house too!

Buy It: You can purchase Amy's Kitchen products from Amy's online store or at a local retailer near you!

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