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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

La Tortilla Factory Organic Tortillas

In my house, tortillas are one of our staples for meals! I LOVE cooking, baking and making meals with tortillas - they are so versatile and can be a good source of protein and fiber!

However, these days, you have to be really picky about what kind of tortillas you use because of course, many companies are putting in harmful and icky ingredients like hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup and processed ingredients!

One tortilla brand that I completely trust in all my meals is La Tortilla Factory and their Sonoma Brand Organic Tortillas!

For three generations, La Tortilla Factory and the Tamayo family have been dedicated to baking the best tasting wraps and tortillas that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. This dedication drives every employee, everyday, towards a common vision: To be the world’s “Best Specialty Baker”.

So, unlike other tortilla companies, there is not a single drop of partially hydrogenated or fully hydrogenated oils anywhere in their manufacturing plant, which means there are absolutely NO trans-fats in any of their products!

I love the Sonoma Organic Tortillas because they literally only have like 5 ingredients (water, stone ground organic corn masa flour, contains less than 2% of each of the following: organic guar gum, lime.). I know what EVERY. SINGLE. INGREDIENT. is. That means so much to me to know what I am serving to my family and what they are putting into their bodies!

Plus, they taste great! I use them for tacos, enchiladas, fajitas and other tortilla recipes that are family favorites!

So in an age of cheaply manufactured, low-quality, processed foods with ingredients no one can pronounce, I am proud to recommend the Organic Tortillas from Sonoma and La Tortilla Factory!

Buy It: You can purchase La Tortilla Factory Organic Tortillas and their other great tortillas from a retailer near you!

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* Thank you to La Tortilla Factory for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*