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Monday, April 15, 2013

LifeTrak C200

As a busy and active mother of two young children, I have always wondered about how many calories I am burning and steps I am taking throughout the day just being a mom...especially on the days I skip my workout! Is it enough to help me keep losing weight or do I need to get off my butt MORE??!!
Well, now I never have to guess about how many steps, calories, or distance I go in a day because I now wear the great LifeTrak C200 watch that I received from Smart Health and it has really helped me realize that some days I could be A LOT more active...even though I feel like I have been by the end of the day!

The LifeTrak C200 helps track fitness goals, heart rate, calories burned, and steps taken without using a chest strap. I LOVE the super cute Pistachio ComfortFIT Band and I love even more that it is reversible if I want to turn it into an all white watch! And if I want a completely different band, the ComfortFIT reversible bands are interchangeable with other colored bands offered by Smart Health!

The band is so great because it fits every wrist and it stays put once it is put on! I love this because my wrists are pretty small and most watches I buy are usually HUGE on me and continually spin around all day long. It takes me longer to read a watch that way and it drives me crazy! This wrist band fits perfectly and keeps the watch in place!

If you can believe it, the band is least AWESOME thing about this watch!

Check out all these Great Features:
  • Lifetrak C200 combines a sleek and comfortable design with superb tracking capabilities. Easily monitor:
    • Calorie Burn- Proprietary heart rate integration.
    • Distance - Patented pace based calibration.
    • Steps - Advanced filtering eliminates non step counting.
  • ECG Accurate Heart Rate at the press of a button with an ECG Wave Display.
  • Utilize the Independent Workout Mode for tracking, timing and reporting of an individual regiment.
  • Graphically view your 7-Day History of calorie, distance and step data.
  • Manage your daily data with Hourly Graphic Visual Display.
  • Removable, Reversible, Colorful, Comfort Fit Bands.
  • Your Home Screen Displays Time, Day, Date and Goal.
    • Continue to challenge yourself with customized goals for calorie, distance and steps.
  • Fully Waterproof up to 30 meters.
  • No Recharge Required. Long lasting coin cell battery.

So as you can see there ARE SO MANY AMAZING Features on the LifeTrak C200!

My favorite feature is that it has so many features!

I wear and use this watch every day now to track how many steps, calories burned, and distance walked and I like to look at it at the end of the day and see how I did and then compare it to previous days! You can even check how you are doing every hour of the day and then you know what hours to up your activity level to reach your daily goals!

It is also great for using as a stopwatch and to time workouts. It tells you how many calories you burn, steps and distance during your specific workout time.

Plus, you can track your heart rate and it even keeps track of previous heart rate so you can easily compare! It is fast and easy to take it and only takes the push of one button!

Best of all, the watch is personalized to YOU! When you first start wearing it, you customize the settings to YOU by entering gender, weight, goals, height, etc. That way all the measurements are very accurate!

So as you can see, this watch as it ALL! It is also super easy to use, really comfortable to wear (I barely know I have it on!), and sleek and stylish! Plus, now I know what days and times of the day I need to get off my butt and get active to lose those last stubborn pounds!

If you are active or want to be MORE active during the day and week, you have got to get the LifeTrak C200. It is great motivation - I always want to beat how active I was the day before and I always want to meet my goals!

Buy It: You can purchase the LifeTrak C200 for only $59.99 from the Smart Health website.

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* Thank you to Smart Health for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*