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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Safe Sippy2

My daughter is hitting the sippy cup stage and I have had trouble finding a sippy cup that she will drink from. I have also had trouble finding a sippy cup that I feel good about giving to my daughter because of the materials most companies use.

At Kid Basix, they started a revolution when they rethought the sippy cup and created the Safe Sippy™ no-spill bottle from clean, non-leaching stainless steel. But while BPA-free products are still important to parents, the world is changing. Safety, value, the environment - they are all important now. And Kid Basix will continue to be at the forefront of that conversation as they rethink: EVERYTHING.

Meet the world’s first and only 2-in-1 convertible sippy to straw bottle! The Safe Sippy2™ has all of the great BPA-free features of the original Safe Sippy™ cup, plus several new features. You can check them out on the right.

At Kid Basix, they know that nothing irks parents (especially me!) more than buying something for their children that doesn’t last or something that only has one use and then gets tossed or stored in the back of the cupboard.

That’s why they created The Safe Sippy2™ convertible sippy-to-straw cup in stainless steel. It’s safe, versatile and durable. So when your child says he or she is too old for a sippy cup and wants a straw bottle like the “big kids,” you can reach for the straw adaptor instead of your wallet.

So although my daughter is not really keen on drinking from this cup quite yet, I know that down the road she will with the straw and while she is figuring it out, my son can use the straw cup! I LOVE products that have multi-uses and companies that think of everything us Parents want in a product! The Safe Sippy2 make me so happy because it is made from safe, non BPA-leaching stainless steel, it has handles for easy holding, it has a cover for keeping the dirt and germs off (when I throw it into my purse or bag!), and once again, it is two in one product - a sippy cup and straw cup! Plus, it comes in so many fun colors, your child will love to reach for it!

So stop wasting money on sippy cups, straw cups and drinking cups and just get ONE Safe Sippy2!

Buy It: You can purchase the Safe Sippy2 for $15.99 from the Kid Basix online store.

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* Thank you to Kid Basix for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*