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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fox Signature Memory Foam Air Mattress

I have slept on my fair share of air mattresses in my family and friends' houses when visiting and even in my own house when moving and our regular bed is put away. They are convenient to set up and put away for guests, but I have to admit that I have never slept very comfortably on one with my husband EVER! They usually deflate by morning, one side is sinking, we fall off, or the blankets don't stay on! I usually find myself sleeping on the floor on a deflated air mattress with no blankets! NOT FUN!

So when approached me about sending me one of their best air mattresses, the Fox Signature Memory Foam, I about jumped up and down in excitement. I immediately pictured using this air mattress the first nights in our new home when we get one and it instantly gave me hope and excitement! And I can't wait to tell you why! Wait until you see HOW AMAZING THIS AIR MATTRESS IS!

I absolutely LOVE the Fox Signature Memory Foam Air Mattress that we received for review because this luxurious bed looks and feels like a regular mattress and it is like no other air mattress that I have ever seen or slept on! The Fox Airbed Signature Memory Foam Queen Air Mattress ensures absolute comfort and durability for various sleeping needs. It has so many great features that sets it FAR apart from the competition!

First of all, it has a memory foam topper! The one inch foam topper is made with 50% memory foam and 50% regular foam. These levels make for quick rebound while shifting in the night. It makes this bed so comfortable you may just use it as your permanent sleeping solution. I have definitely thought about it, for sure!

Second of all, this air mattress looks like a normal mattress so guests won't even know they are sleeping on an air mattress when visiting! Even though this bed is raised like a normal mattress at 25 inches, none of the durability or support is lost. It contours to any shape, and it remains steady on all sides of the bed.

Third of all, it includes a washable protective sheet, which covers the sides and bottom and a bed skirt that zips to the sides and top. No more sheets sliding around! The top sheet zips onto the protective bottom cover, ensuring they will stay in place all night long. This may be my personal favorite feature just because my husband tends to be a crazy sleeper plus a blanket hog so by morning our sheets and blankets tend to be completely off the bed or completely on his side! Never again with these attached sheets! :)

And check out these other AMAZING features:
  • Puncture Proof: Fox's patent pending sheet design wraps your entire airbed with a protect cover, preventing any small leaks from happening
  • Built to Last: This air bed is built with 60% thicker vinyl than traditional airbeds
  • Tallest Airbed Online: Raised 25 inches off the ground! Enjoy sleeping at the same height of a regular box spring and mattress
  • Pump with Remote Included: Built-in pump with remote control for easy comfort adjustments
  • Queen Size: 80" x 60" x 25" (air bed measures true to size)
  • 1 Year Warranty: 1 Year Extended Warranty
  • Includes: Fitted sheet, bed skirt, 1 inch memory foam pad, protective bottom cover, built-in pump, remote control, travel bag, deluxe patch repair kit, instructions
Check out this awesome video to see exactly what I am talking about! You will instantly love this air mattress like I do!

And best of all, the Inflation Time is only 2 minutes so it can easily be set up...even for those no-notice last minute guests!

So if you are looking to invest in a new spare bedroom mattress but don't want to spend big bucks for a mattress and box spring or don't have room for a permanent bed to be set up, consider setting up the Fox Signature Memory Foam Air Mattress only when needed or permanently in your guest room! You will love the easy set up and save money on new sheets and your guests will love the comfort!

Buy It: You can purchase the Fox Signature Memory Foam Air Mattress for $259.99 (plus FREE SHIPPING!) from

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the helpful review. I was actually looking for a new air mattress. Did it take up a lot of space? Also, Did it remain inflated throughout the night?