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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rooibee Red Tea

The weather is warming up and with hot weather always comes a hearty thirst! When your thirst kicks in this spring and summer, turn to something NOT full of sugar, artificial flavors/preservatives, and harmful ingredients...turn to my family's new favorite thirst quencher: Rooibee Red Tea. My family LOVES the five different flavors of Rooibee Red Tea that we received for review and someone is always searching for one when they are thirsty!

Rooibee Red Tea is the only bottled, ready to drink USDA-organic rooibos tea on the market. The tea is naturally caffeine free, high in antioxidants, low in calories and comes in five delicious flavors: Watermelon Mint, Peach, Unsweetened, Cranberry Pomegranate and Vanilla Chai. This bottled tea is refreshing as the weather starts to warm up and a great non-alcoholic choice for BBQs that the whole family can enjoy.

For generations, South African families have known red tea made from the rooibos bush to be high in antioxidants and naturally caffeine-free. They’ve also enjoyed the tea for its medicinal uses, including its calming and rejuvenating properties.

But more than being good for you, rooibos has an inherently sweet character and simply tastes great. And a secret like that is just too good to keep!

Rooibee Red Tea, made from the South African rooibos bush and USDA-certified organic, offers all the benefits of red tea in five delicious flavors that can be enjoyed by the entire family – at home or on the go.

The favorite flavor in our house was the Peach. It was the perfect blend of sweetness and flavor and it was a great thirst quencher! We also love the Watermelon Mint and Cranberry Pomegranate but they were all great so it is really hard to pick a favorite!

I even felt great letting my son have some sips of this "special drink" because it is Certified USDA Organic and Naturally Caffeine Free plus Rich in Antioxidants and offers a Full Serving of Vitamin C! He asked for these to drink every day and enjoyed every sip!

So this summer as you spend time outside in the heat and sun, Refresh, revitalize and rejuvenate with Rooibee Red Tea!

Buy It: You can purchase Rooibee Red Tea in all 50 states at your favorite retail outlet, including the following Whole Foods Market, Woodman's, Kroger and many more.

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* Thank you to Rooibee Red Tea for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*