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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Step360 from Gaiam

Once again, I have a great gift idea for the mother that is trying to lose those stubborn pounds or for the mom that is a fitness guru and who may be looking to change up their workout routine! I highly recommend The Step360! I love the Step360 I received from Gaiam - it has changed up my workouts, worked and sculpted different muscles and is fun and unique! This could make a great gift for a new mother too who may be looking to lose the baby weight!

The Step360 will transform your workouts and your body! The revolutionary design marries two adjustable air-filled chambers with a flat, padded platform. You’ll burn hundreds of calories each workout while firming your muscles and flattening your abs. Every time you step on the Step360’s platform, you engage your entire core and surrounding stabilizing muscles. Add or decrease air to control just how challenging you want your workout to be. To boost your results even more, use a sculpting cord.

With this all-in-one training tool and workout program, you’ll blast fat, lose inches and reshape your abs, butt and thighs. Plus, you’ll ramp up your metabolism so you’ll keep burning more calories all day long, even at rest. It’s the smartest, most effective, most efficient way to exercise. The Step360 is easy, fun to use, and perfect for all fitness levels, and works as a high-performance cardio step, ab machine, butt and thigh toner, and total body resistance trainer-all in one unique design!

The Step360:

  • Adds variety to your workout for quicker results
  • Great for all fitness levels
  • Works both large and small muscle groups
  • Burn more calories faster
  • Sculpt your body lean
  • Durable non-slip adjustable platform
  • Changeable 360° degree rotational oscillation
  • Platform has resistance band anchors for combo strength/balance exercises
  • Includes Step360 Sculpting Cord
  • 2 workout DVDs with a total of 8 transforming workouts
  • Weight loss success guide and 7-day express guide

I love the great kit that comes with the Step360. Not only do you get the great Step360 but you get everything you need to make the most of it and get the most from it! The Step360 is so unique because it combines so many great exercises in one: stepper, balance, resistance! I love a multi-purpose exercise...especially being a busy mom!

Step360™ Includes:

  • Step360 – flat, stable platform atop two independently inflated, adjustable air chambers
  • Step360 Sculpting Cord
  • 90-minute DVD with six complete workouts
  • Bonus 20-minute DVD with two additional workouts
  • Weight loss success guide
  • 7-day express guide
  • Pump included

The Step360 workouts are perfect for any busy mom and the Step360 doesn't take up much room like some other exercise equipment can! It is fun, unique, and challenging and it makes a great gift for any Mom looking for a great new exercise, way to lose weight or new exercise challenge!

Buy It: You can purchase the Step360 for $120 from the Gaiam website.

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* Thank you to Gaiam for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*