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Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Did you ever dream of the perfect candy bar that has not only the exact type of chocolate that you like but also every kind of candy, nut, or other favorite ingredient in it? I have but my dream recently came true when I got to design, receive and EAT custom chocolate bars from Chocomize. They were not only unique but DELICIOUS and had all my favorites in it like chocolate cookie dough bites, toffee, and so much more! I also made and received a couple custom chocolate bars for my husband for Father's Day and he absolutely LOVED them!

Don't these ALL look DELICIOUS??!!
Chocomize an e-commerce company that allows people to create their own custom gourmet chocolate bars by choosing a base (white, milk, or dark chocolate) and adding toppings from a selection of over 100 different ingredients. With Father’s Day fast approaching on June 16, they also offer great edible white chocolate plaques that have a personalized 'Happy Father's Day' on them! It is perfect for any chocolate lovin' Daddy!

Their mission is to produce the finest quality chocolate bars tailored exactly to the customer's desires. They give you 30 billion opportunities to make the perfect chocolate bar.

What I love most is that the concept is really simple and the site is really easy to use! Just first choose a base chocolate bar from three premium chocolate options: dark, milk or white. Once you have chosen your base chocolate flavor add up to five fine ingredients. Choose your ingredients from a selection of 100 fruits, nuts, herbs, spices, candy and decorations. Once you have finished designing the flavor combinations with all of your ingredients the Chocomize team will construct your bar by hand! Once they have finished crafting your personal chocolate bar they will have it shipped and on your doorstep within a few days.

My bars came exactly how I envisioned them and they tasted even better than I imagined! Now I know what the perfect candy bar for me tastes like! This is a perfect Father's Day gift if you are looking for a unique, custom and DELICIOUS gift!

Buy It: You can purchase and customize all Chocomize bars on the Chocomize website.

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* Thank you to Chocomize for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*