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Monday, July 15, 2013

Bumkins Finer Baby Products

A product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.

I have many of the same health concerns that many other families and parents, and even individuals, are learning about these days and trying to avoid in products: BPA, Phthalate, PVC, lead, chlorine and so many more. It is definitely a scary world these days as research shows more and more products and ingredients are hurting our children and us more and more every day. Products that parents thought were safe for many, many years are finding out to be toxic, harmful and unsafe for people of all ages. And what is even scarier is that many big name companies still include these ingredients in their products....even baby products that are supposed to go on our precious children!

So what do we do about it???

Well, I have definitely fought back by doing my research, only buying and supporting natural companies that only use safe ingredients and trying to only showcase these safe and natural companies here on my blog! If everyone stops buying from these big name companies who don't seem to care about what they put in their products or who they are hurting (even children!), then they won't be the big name companies anymore!

So as I step off my soap box for the day, let me turn the attention to a great company that I recently learned about that create quality products for children that are BPA, Phthalate, PVC and lead-free: Bumkins!

Bumkins Finer Baby Products is dedicated to providing distinctively designed, quality, family-oriented merchandise. Bumkins believes that products can be both practical and attractive, and strives to provide visually appealing, value-driven merchandise to our loyal customers.

Bumkins adheres to the strictest safety standards of the juvenile products industry. All of their offerings both meet and exceed the most stringent juvenile product regulations. They are CPSIA compliant and adhere to the guidelines set forth by California Proposition 65. Their signature waterproof material is Lead, PVC, phthalate and BPA Free.

I was so happy to see that they offered cloth diapers and accessories because I think cloth diapering is a great way to avoid A LOT of harmful chemicals found in traditional disposable diapers! And the All-in-One cloth diaper was one of Bumkin's first products!
So I decided to try one out and see how it compared to the other AIO's we use!

This diaper is as easy as a disposable to put on baby; no stuffing, folding or adding layers. It is also easy to machine wash because of the awesome fold-out panel accelerates dry time.

My children are very petite and have small waists so sometimes I have trouble getting a good fit with cloth diapers! But not with this one!! The three snap-downs on the front of the diaper allow you to easily adjust the size of the diaper as your baby grows and it has a lot of snaps across the top for a good fit across the waist...even for newborns! This diaper will definitely last from birth to potty trained!

The Inside fold-out panel features 2 layers of blended cotton and bamboo rayon, for absorbency, breathability and comfort. The insert is SO SOFT and I am so glad to know that my daughter feels that against her skin! The fold-out panel is specially designed for fast drying plus the opening also allows for more inserts to be added under the fold-out panel, so absorbency can be customized.

And to finish it off, the soft, waterproof outer PUL fabric with TPU is stain and odor resistant, machine washable, durable and comfortable. Prints remain bright and colorful wash after wash. There were so many fun colors and patterns to choose from! Find one perfect for any personality!

As you can see my daughter is LOVIN' her Bumkins AIO (even in the morning!) :)

With every great cloth diaper, must come a great cloth diaper laundry bag! :) So I decided to try out the Waterproof Laundry Bag from Bumkins!

I was looking for a laundry bag for our diaper pail for easy storage and washing between washes. This laundry bag was the perfect large size for holding  A LOT of dirty (and clean!) diapers and washed really easily with the cloth diapers!

Here is the Bumkins laundry bag in our diaper pail with dirty cloth diapers in it!
Fits and works great!
The Bumkins cloth diaper laundry bag is a great choice for storing soiled cloth diapers. Made from a waterproof fabric with heat sealed seams to help prevent leakage, these bags are meant to hold up to 20 cloth diapers at a time. This cloth diaper laundry bag also features a convenient zipper closure with a snap handle that allows it to be hung from door knobs, hooks or closet rods.

So make a difference in our world today by supporting and buying from safe and natural companies like Bumkins!

Buy It: You can purchase the Laundry Bag for $14.95 and the AIO cloth diaper for $16.95 from the Bumkins website.

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* Thank you to Bumkins for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*