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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

SNAILS Kids Nail Polish

A product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.

I was so excited to have a daughter after my son because deep down I wanted to do all the girly things with her: shopping, playing dress up, dressing her up in cute clothes and shoes, and painting her nails!

But then I learned about and researched all the harmful ingredients in mainstream finger nail polishes and the dream of painting our nails together died. I was so freaked out about the Dibutyle Phythalate (DBP), Toluene and Formaldehyde found in most nail polishes and the polish remover too!

I had to give up my dream of giving my daughter cute little toenails until I recently learned about a great company, SNAILS! They are the first French-made chemical-free kids nail polish and it all started when a mum of two scoured the market for safe non-toxic nail polish to colour up the imaginative play of her little ones. She quickly found that such a product just didn't exist — so SNAILS was born.

There are so many great features about SNAILS that made me really excited to try them out:

Revolutionary three-ingredient formula — containing just water, acrylic polymer and non-toxic colorants, SNAILS is safe in its simplicity.

Totally water soluble — SNAILS washes off easily with simple soap and water, making harsh solvent-based remover a thing of the past.< /p>

Environmentally friendly — from biodegradable packaging and lead-free bottles, to a strict no animal testing policy.

Hypoallergenic — SNAILS is purely chemical, Paraben and toxin free, so little nails are kept safe, sound and splendidly coloured.

Vivacious colour choices — every SNAILS polish delivers glorious high-quality gloss and deliciously gentle fragrance.

I love that not only can my daughter now have cute toenails, but it can be wiped off at any time with only water and soap! She can not have carefree child’s play without any harmful chemicals and toxins. She can mix and match and start over again at any time (and so can mommy!) :)

I also love that besides the safe colors that they have also thought about safe packaging! Their packages are lead-free and made from only pure Italian glass bottles and are custom designed for kids! They are cutely packaged with a little bow so it is so fun for any girl!

And best of all they are Stain free! I never have to worry as I paint my daughter's or my toes about spills and stains! And forget colourful blemishes on clothes, carpet or floors. SNAILS Kids nail polish is entirely soluble, so it will wash off easily. (My husband can now stop giving me the evil eye as I paint my toe nails while sitting on the carpet!) :)

I love the three colors I received for review: Mrs. Carrot Head (that is actually orange below in the first bottle - not pink as it looks!), Raspberry Pie, Prince Frog. They are all so fun and SO SAFE! We can mix and match and wash it off at any time!

With the increasing popularity of safe nail polish, these products are now sold in 30 countries and the list keeps growing. And you can rest assured as you paint away: Their revolutionary patented formula contains just three main ingredients: water, acrylic polymer and non-toxic colorants and is paraben free.

Playing dress-up can now be thoroughly enjoyed without compromise. SNAILS Kids is committed to preserving the innocence and joy of children everywhere. Their safe kids’ nail polish range brings a new level of safety for the entire family.

Buy It: You can purchase SNAILS Kids nail polish from the SNAILS website.

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* Thank you to SNAILS for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*