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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Diana's Baby

This post is sponsored and I received monetary compensation for posting. However, all opinions are mine. 

Have you been caught up in all the excitement of the Royal Family and the new baby for Prince William and Kate?? I know I have! I just can't resist a new baby and a great story!!!

If you want to catch up on all the latest news for the new Royal parents or just love to read about their story, then I have the perfect book for you: Diana's Baby now available from emBooks.

This is the World’s First Royal Baby Book and was immediately and extensively updated to include all details of the safe arrival of the new baby Prince. It includes 37 high-res, full color photographs and it really makes the story come alive!

Among the many insights in DIANA'S BABY:

· How the Prince bravely faced his own emotional demons

· The Middleton family values he delights in embracing

· How Prince William overcame the destructive chain of a dysfunctional family

I love that you really find history and insight into the Royal family and I learned that behind this happy story lies an even more hopeful and inspiring message. The fragmentation of the family, with huge rates of divorce and rising number of children who have never known a committed father at all is deeply troubling. The damage this is doing to both individuals and society is incalculable. Even more alarming, however, is that those brought up in fractured family units so often replicate this unhappy pattern as they have no healthy family model upon which to draw.

In this book, the author suggests suggests that this new Prince may not merely redeem the tragedy of Diana’s life, but serve also as a symbol of hope for a society whose heart is too often being broken.

It is a book of new life, happiness, love, and repairing a broken family! I definitely recommend if you are a fan of the Royal family and their story!

Buy It: You can purchase Diana's Baby for $6.99 from embooks.com

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*This post was sponsored and I received monetary compensation. However, all opinions are 100% mine. *