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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


This post is brought to you by Pegasus.

I am so excited to share with you all more information about our newest Premium Sponsor: Pegasus!

With the holidays coming up, gifts by the hundreds will be exchanged! I can tell you what I hate the most: GETTING SOMETHING USELESS either for me or my children! I don't have room to keep storing all the useless junk I get for gifts! And I get really tired of repeating myself and having to keep track of gift ideas for my children's birthdays and for Christmas to tell all the relatives EVERY time that they ask!

So that is why I am definitely LOVIN' Pegasus, the absolute core application for families to send gift lists to relatives for children around ages 7–13 (the ages when children really start to get picky about gifts!).

I absolutely LOVE how easy Pegasus is to use and how it sets itself apart from other companies by always including size and color information for every product! You cannot get that from any other wishlist tool!

Best of all, it is FREE!

And if the fact of never having to fake a happy face or return a ton of useless gifts doesn't get you rushing over to Pegasus, then maybe their great Summer Gift Card Offer will!

This summer, enjoy your summer with $20 gift card. Every day is a good day to create a wish list. Share it with your family or friends, let us know what you think and the gift card is on your way. Simple as that. No purchase required! Go to and start today!

The Holiday Season will be here before we know it so make sure to head over to Pegasus NOW to create your gift lists and share them with relatives and friends! It is easy, convenient, and FREE!

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* This post is brought to you by Pegagus. *