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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Check Out My Husband's NEW Healthy Lunches!

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Although I have admitted before how I don't really like to cook, I do really enjoy and take pride in making healthy meals for my family that are organic, natural and delicious! My husband is REALLY picky when it comes to meals so I definitely had a challenge before me when we got married to please his palate and please the healthy, natural and organic lifestyle we live!

So over the six years we have been married, the biggest challenge for me surprisingly has been lunch time! My husband works away from home every day so it has been a challenge finding healthy meals for him to eat at work that are easy to make, delicious (to please him!) and healthy and nutritious (to make me happy!) and keep him full and energized all day long at work.


So you can imagine how excited we both were to find a meal that fit both our wants and needs: NEW Lean Cuisine Honestly Good Frozen Meals! We found them at our local Walmart in the freezer area in the healthy section right next to the organic and natural frozen meals we usually buy. So they were easy to find and were really affordable (especially with the attached $1 off coupon on each meal!).

There were six different frozen meals to choose from and knowing my husband is really picky (and pretty much only likes chicken meals!), I picked out the Pomegranate Chicken and the Honey Citrus Chicken for him to try out! Check out my entire shopping trip at Walmart in my Google + Story.

Having been to college and lived on a college diet, whenever my husband hears "frozen meals", I know he thinks cheap, tasteless, and boring. So I was really hoping these Lean Cuisine Honestly Good Frozen Meals would be as delicious as they looked on the box!


But most of all, I was really happy to choose these meals because they are made with natural ingredients, fresh vegetables and quality ingredients! They fit our lifestyle and they make an easy to make meal for my husband's lunches!

So, how was it? 

My husband took the Pomegranate Chicken to work the very next day and I couldn't wait to hear how it was! When he came home, the first question I had for him was "How was it???!". And I was so relieved to hear his answer "Really GOOD!". He talked on and on about how good it was and, best of all, it was easy to eat, quick to heat up and nutritious, natural and minimally processed! Can't go wrong with that!!!


Plus, when he sent me the picture of the meal, it looked like something that I would have made him for supper or something he would have ordered from a restaurant! I was so happy to know he was getting a tasty, nutritious and wholesome meal (and I didn't have to make it!) :)

My husband is now looking forward to eating lunch at work everyday when he knows he can eat the unique, tasty and gourmet meals offered from Lean Cuisine Honestly Good Frozen Meals!

And if you are interested in trying out these meals for a healthy lunch idea or even a date night with your spouse or significant other, don't forget to print off the coupon that is available in the Walmart “savings center”!

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