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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Book: The Eye Dancers

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“I intend to read The Eye Dancers as soon as I get a chance, because my 10 year old daughter insists upon it. She gives this book two thumbs up. As a doting mother who knows my daughter has good taste, I feel safe in recommending The Eye Dancers to others.”

The Eye-Dancers –A Sci-fi/Fantasy Novel the Entire Family Can Enjoy

Four seventh-graders are transported to a strange world, and the only one who can help them find their way back home is the mysterious little girl with the swirling, hypnotic blue eyes. Along the way, they must confront their insecurities and fears, learn to believe in themselves, and accept themselves for who they are.

Here are what others are saying about the novel . . .

“It will fill a younger reader with a sense of wonder and excitement and take an older reader back to those special days of youth when everything seemed possible.”

“Boys and girls who like science fiction/fantasy/adventure will enjoy The Eye-Dancers and will relate to the characters in the story.”

“I would totally recommend The Eye Dancers for middle grade to young adult readers.”

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*This post is sponsored. *