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Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall Bulbs from Longfield Gardens

A product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.

There is nothing better than watching beautiful tulips and other flowers bloom in Spring signaling the beginning of warmer weather and the start of Summer...especially when living in cold and snowy Minnesota!

There is no better way to prepare for spring blooms than with fall planting! Longfield Gardens provided me with some BEAUTIFUL tulips to plant this Fall and I can't wait to see them bloom in Spring!

The garden where I planted many of my Fall Bulbs from Longfield Gardens!

Longfield Gardens has a great selection of premium indoor and outdoor flower bulbs. At Longfield Gardens, their specialty is providing you beautiful, premium quality bulbs and plants at a great price with the knowledge and customer service to ensure you grow a beautiful garden, beyond your purchase.

I received these bulbs: Shirley, Striped Apeldoorn, Moulin Rouge, Flaming Purissima, and the muscari armeniacum bulbs.

Check out more about these beauties below and pick out your favorites for Fall Planting today!

Striped Apeldoorn is a naturally occurring designer mix, each flower has its own special pattern of color and stripes. In the garden, Striped Apeldoorn is a living bouquet with colors that range from bright yellow to deep orange and red.

  • Blooms Midseason
  • Every Blossom is Unique
  • Great for Bouquets

Flaming Purissima is an early bloomer with large, white blossoms that become overlaid with blush pink
Welcome spring with this elegant, early-blooming tulip. Like all Emperor tulips, the flowers change day by day, opening ever wider as they mature. The colors also soften from pink to snowy white. An ideal companion for daffodils and hyacinths.

  • Blooms in Early Spring
  • Color-Changing Flowers
  • Sturdy and Weatherproof

Moulin Rouge is a fragrant tulip whose white petals mature with raspberry-pink accents
This color-changing tulip puts on a new show every day. It opens creamy white with striking raspberry-pink accents. As the flower matures, the petals become more colorful, until they're almost completely suffused with cherry pink, rose and crimson.

  • Extra-Large Flowers
  • Tall, Graceful Stems
  • Changes Color Each Day

And my favorite bulb that I received is the Shirley. It is a color-changing tulip that opens creamy white with lilac-purple stitching around the edge of each petal. As the blossoms mature, the color slowly spreads until the entire flower is laced with soft purple.

  • Cutting Garden Favorite

The muscari armeniacum bulbs are long blooming and have been a spring favorite for generations. Their bright blue color and short stature make them perfect in borders and as companion plants.

Buy It: You can purchase all bulbs mentioned above and SO MUCH MORE from the Longfield Gardens website.

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* Thank you to Longfield Gardens for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*