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Monday, October 28, 2013

Filter Savings Club

A product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.

One thing I miss most about our prior home is our refrigerator with the water dispenser on the front! We now use a water pitcher with a filter in it and, honestly, it is getting really old filling and re-filling it ALL. THE. TIME.

Another to worry about with a water filter pitcher is the filter. I ALWAYS forget to replace the water filter in our pitcher but I now have a handy reminder and don't even have to remember anymore...the new water filter shows up on my doorstep so I am forced to remember and do it! :)

I receive a new filter when my water pitcher needs one from Filter Savings Club, a convenient, cost- effective alternative to purchasing water filters and pitchers in stores.

From mustaches to moss, there’s no shortage of monthly subscription services for items you never needed in the first place. But Filter Savings Club is a subscription service for a product you actually use on a monthly basis!

Most people never change the filter in their water bottle or pitcher in a timely manner because the only thing more nauseating than seeing those black filter-flakes swirling in your water is forking over $30 for three measly filters. Enter Filter Savings Club!!! For as low as $2 per month, Filter Savings Club delivers filters and pitchers at a fraction of the cost, right to your door each month.

Filter Savings Club’s easy-to-use website offers three subscription programs that allow you to choose how often your refills are shipped to fit your family’s lifestyle. You also have the option to make a monthly donation to charity:water, a nonprofit that provides clean drinking water to developing communities.

Filter Savings Club saves time and trips to the grocery store by automatically sending replacement filters to customers through an individually customized schedule. The online monthly subscription service offers three programs: The Doggy Paddle, The Front Crawl or The Butterfly, which are based on water intake in each household. The affordable, high-quality water filters are sold at a fraction of the cost because the company bypasses traditional distribution channels and sells directly to consumers. Filter Savings Clubs sells their own brand of water pitchers and filters as well as replacement filters for name-brand pitchers.

After completing the online sign up process, not only will eco-friendly filter replacements be delivered to consumers’ door at a discounted price, but they also have the option to pass along their savings by donating to charity:water, a not for profit organization that provides clean and safe drinking water to communities in developing countries. Filter Savings Club kicked off the partnership by donating $10,000 to fund a clean water project. Consumers are also given the option to apply their savings to a charity of their choice.

Filter Savings Club brings convenience and charity to your doorstep and does the remembering for you when you forget to replace your old filter. To sign up for the affordable online subscription service, please visit

Buy It: You can purchase a subscription to Filter Savings Club starting at $2/month from the Filter Savings Club website.

Plus, ENJOY a free one month subscription (US and Canada readers) using the promo code FSC1month

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* Thank you to Filter Savings Club for their product for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*