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Friday, October 18, 2013

PlayTown: My Story Maker

This is a sponsored post by PlayTown.

I can definitely say that my son is the "creative" type! He is constantly making believe, making up stories, and pretending! He has ALWAYS been a good pretender as long as I can remember and it makes for a very fun (and funny!) day everyday!

So when I saw the PlayTown: My Story Maker app, I knew it would be the perfect app to get on my phone for my son to play where he could use his full imagination! PlayTown: My Story Maker is a wonderful new app for kids, ages 3-9 and it allows kids to create, personalize and narrate stories while bringing their imagination to life!

This app has so many fun aspects to it, including the ability to create, personalize, narrate and share your own stories in Play Town using a cast of lovable characters, stages, music, props and even your own photos and drawings!

Here’s how PlayTown works:
  • Begin your story by selecting an Adventure Play Set; play sets can range from traveling to playing sports to even exploring outer space!
  • My Story Maker invites you to create and build adventures, select your own stages, props, accessories and cast of lovable characters—such as princesses, monsters and jungle friends—and even use personal photos and drawings!
  • When completed, see your creation with the play back feature and share with family and friends within the app.
My son had so much fun dressing up his character, picking out hat to put on him and then he got to record him on stage being silly. Then we had a good laugh looking back at the video he made and I loved how creative he could be!

What's also great is there are a bunch of additional Adventure Play Sets available (for free!!) that allow you to use your imagination and share stories about travelling to different countries, playing sports and adventuring into outer space.

My son also had fun dressing up these characters:

So if you are looking for a fun new app for your imaginative child or you want to foster the imagination in your child, download PlayTown for FREE and get the laughs and fun started to day!

Buy It: You can purchase PlayTown for FREE for Android and iOS and includes 3 Adventure Play Sets from the PlayTown website. Additional play sets can be purchased for $1.99 each

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