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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Putting an end to the never-ending battle of kids and chores!

This post is brought to you by I Heart Chore Charts.

Becki Madsen has 6 kids which means 6x the messes, 6x the chaos and 6x the fun! She wanted to teach her kids the importance of a job well done. Through much trial and error, and dozens of kids chore charts, she came up with the perfect chore chart system that works for her and thousands of other moms!


Chore charts you say? Yes there are thousands out there BUT these are detailed kids job charts for each room in a home, which can be used by anyone! This takes out any guesswork for your child as to what you expect from them. These detailed chore charts walk you through each step to have a ‘truly’ clean home. For example, with a bedroom, the first step is to make their bed. Next step is to pick up all items on the floor and put them away correctly, third step is to dust all shelves, bedframes, dressers and night stands followed by the final step of vacuuming. This detailed way of presenting chores is clear, concise and will save you from arguing with your kids!

Becki has also made several sheets of rewards, behavior sheets, summer packets, pet packets and her newest package is for Thanksgiving! This one has all you need to make your Thanksgiving Day special, complete with game ideas, conversation cards and more!

Becki gives us some chore chart and kid advice…
First, take a deep breath and turn it into a teaching moment. Make their weakness become their strength. Kids do not know what is required of them unless they are taught the right steps. Sit them down and explain what cleaning system you will be using, when you expect the chores to be done and how often you would like them done. 
Clearly define what is needed for each job to be completed correctly. Kids assume their version is the best because it gets done the fastest. Go through step-by-step what is expected of them and it will take the guesswork out of it all!
Remember to follow closely the first few times. This system will begin to work the first time but you may need to check back often to make sure they understand each step.
Reward your child once chores are done. We all like rewards, especially children. You can have a point system where they earn points with each job and at the end of the week they can redeem them. 
And most importantly…. BE CONSISTENT! Kids thrive with routines and being consistent with your house cleaning and what you expect is important!

Every family has a different way of completing chores. This system has worked for thousands and taught kids responsibility and the satisfaction of a job well done! Good luck and happy cleaning!

‘Putting an end to the never-ending battle of kids and chores’ Comes from Becki Madsen, the mother of six kids and the owner, operator and creator of I Heart Chore Charts at www.iheartchorecharts.blogspot.com.

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*This post is brought to you by I Heart Chore Charts*