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Friday, November 8, 2013

Get Expert Answers from

This post is brought to you by MommyCoach

I don't know about you, but I know as a mother, I am ALWAYS second-guessing my decisions, wondering if I am parenting right and making the right decisions, and I have questions and questions that I want to ask every expert out there!!!

Instead of Googling everything, I have learned about that I can use instead to actually get EXPERT advice! I can use a live video platform to connect to a network of trusted experts. MommyCoach is an affordable, convenient and efficient service that will allow any mom in North America to ask their most challenging questions to experts who have real time answers. This is the first time such a service has been available to moms. Using MommyCoach’s unique video technology, moms will have one-to-one access to experts covering a variety of topics including: parenting, education, health, fitness, nutrition, life and relationships.

I loved learning that the Health & Fitness expert from MommyCoach is Lindsay Brin, one of my favorite fitness experts and the leader in my favorite workout DVDs that I used everyday after having my second daughter!

Along with Lindsay Brin, are the CEO is Christophe Garnier and the other Co-Founders and coaches: Tammy Gold, Lara Galloway, Keri Glassman and they have a wide range of expertise, organized into the four categories: Diet and Nutrition, Life and Work, Health and Fitness and Parenting and Education. They care about providing a helping hand to guide moms through the journey of being a woman, a mother and a partner

So next time you have a question about parenting, diet/nutrition, fitness or just life in general, consider talking to experts live right from your home with MommyCoach. Get convenient, trustworthy, and immediate answers you want from real experts and spend more time with your family and less time looking for answers!!!

And don't forget to use Coupon Code: MCSTEW to get 20% off your MommyCoach session! 

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This post is brought to you by MommyCoach*