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Friday, February 7, 2014

Make Money Easily with Slidejoy!

This post is brought to you by Slidejoy. All opinions are 100% mine. 
These days and in this economy, I don't know a single person who wouldn't love to get extra effortless cash! And usually these same people like a good deal!

So I have the perfect money making, deal finding, easy and effortless app for your phone: Slidejoy! People view their phones on average almost 100 times per day, and Slidejoy wants to make that experience more profitable and enjoyable.

Slidejoy is an intelligent Android app that pays users to view beautifully designed ads every time they unlock their phones. Over time, the app learns the preferences of a user and curates a more profitable and relevant user experience.

Don't worry - you always have the choice of ignoring the ad by sliding right to unlock their phones or engaging with the ad by sliding left. By sliding left, the user will unlock the phone and be directed to a destination specified by the advertiser (YouTube, Advertiser website, Google Play, coupon page, etc.). To prevent bias, users will be paid the same amount regardless of whether or not they engage with an ad. The app notifies a person daily how much money they've made; they can cash out monthly using Square Cash electronic payments or donate the money to a charity,

So how much will you get paid?? Well, since they are so new (just launched this week!) they have no substantial data yet, so it's hard to give an exact amount for payouts. But they are targeting between $5 to $15 per month initially and as the algorithm learns, this range will increase.

No matter what, it is an easy way to make extra cash...just for doing what you do tons of times a day: checking your phone!

Buy It: You can try Slidejoy out by downloading it for free from Google Play. It's currently only available on Android but will be also available on iOS later this year.

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* This post is brought to you by Slidejoy. All opinions are 100% mine!*