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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I Am So Excited to Be a tommee mommee!

This post is sponsored by tommee tippee. All opinions are 100% mine!

tommee tippee has long been a favorite baby products brand here at The Review Stew and in our house with all our children so far. I am excited to continue to use their products with my third baby starting this July!!

The best news of all is that I was recently asked to be a Tommee Mommee and I couldn't be more excited to represent this brand and share more great products from tommee tippee!

If you haven't heard of this great brand, let me share a little more about them and why I Love their products:

tommee tippee is the number one feeding brand in the U.K. and has been named the fastest growing bottle brand in America since its 2010 debut in the U.S. and Canada. tommee tippee has earned a reputation for its clever ideas, product quality and simply intuitive designs that promote natural development at every age, stage and feeding need.

tommee tippee may be best known for tieir award-winning range of BPA-free baby bottles, designed with the help of breastfeeding experts to encourage your baby’s natural feeding action. Their products are all designed to be ‘just like mom,’ and at the brand’s core, they aim to be ‘closer to nature’.

They’ve designed all the accessories and product you need to make life easier for you, too, including:

* A complete range of baby feeding accessories, from quick and easy bottle and food warmers to bottle cleaners and breast pumps.

* In 2014, they debuted a new collection of pacifiers – ‘approved by babies’ as shown in their high acceptance rate.

* They stand by your side when your babies are no longer babies – our toddler feeding line continues the natural transition to independent feeding, from their spill-proof sippy cups (it’s true – see for yourself!) to their colorful, crumb-catching bibs and additional toddler feeding items.

I also want to share some of my favorite tommee tippee products with you so you can also see why I LOVE them!

1. 360° sealer™ Diaper Disposal System

The innovative 360° sealer™ Diaper Disposal System from tommee tippee® is a unique diaper pail that seals each dirty diaper, all the way around in antimicrobial film, helping to lock in odor. The system is easy to set up, easy to use and easy to empty, meaning you can spend less time changing and more time with baby.
The 360° sealer™ Diaper Disposal System comes fully assembled with one refill as standard or with four refills as part of our Extra Value Pack.

key features:

  • Pail comes fully assembled with 1 x Refill or 4 x Refills in Extra Value Pack
  • Just drop the diaper in the top and twist the dial to seal
  • Super seal technology seals the diaper all the way around, helping to lock in odor
  • No need to push your hand inside so disposal is more hygienic
  • Antimicrobial film helps control bacterial odor
  • Film is easy to tear, making emptying quick and hassle free
  • EasiSlide drawer makes the pail easy to open when it’s time to empty
  • Pail holds up to 30 diapers*
  • Refill seals up to 100 diapers of any size

2. Closer to Nature Double Electric Breast Pump

The closer to nature double electric breast pump is specially designed to mimic a baby’s natural feeding action, for excellent results at the touch of a button.

The unique silicone cup makes the Electric Breast Pump super-comfortable to use. There are 4 settings to choose from: light, low, medium and high. We recommend starting with the light mode to encourage milk let down, and then moving onto the setting that feels right for you.

key features:
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Includes handy sterilizer box
  • Only 3 parts – easy to use, clean and assemble
  • BPA-free
  • Included inside: 2 x 5 oz. Closer to Nature Feeding Bottles with Slow Flow Nipples, 2 x 9 oz. Closer to Nature Feeding Bottles with Protection Lids, 4 x Spare Valves, 2 x 4 oz Protection Pods, 4 x 2 oz Protection Pods, 1 x Protection Pod Tray, 1 x Carry Bag, 6 x Disposable Breast Pads
I have used this pump with my daughter and it was comfortable to use, easy to operate and I love that it includes their great bottles!

3. Electric Steam Sterilizer

The Closer to Nature Electric Steam Sterilizer keeps everything sterile for a whole 24 hours if you keep the lid closed, so you can switch it on at bedtime and wake up to sterile bottles for laid-back breakfasts.

The Electric Steam Sterilizer is really easy to use. Just push the single button – it’ll glow orange when you switch it on and goes off five minutes later when the cycle is finished. Give it three minutes to cool down and you’re good to go.

key features: 
  • Sleek, space-saving design
  • Fast 5-minute sterilizing cycle (plus warming and cooling)
  • BPA-free
  • Included inside: 2 x Closer to Nature 5 oz. Bottles, 1 x Formula Dispenser, 1 x Nipple Tongs

4. Explora Truly Spill Proof Spout Cup

The Explora Truly Spill Proof Spout Cup has been developed for babies and toddlers of around 7 months and over. The Truly Spill Proof Spout Cup has a soft spout that’s easy-peasy to drink from, while the easy-grip sides and base help little ones of around 7 months and over grab and sip with confidence. Like all the Explora cups it’s truly non spill.

key features: 
  • Truly non spill, Easiflow® technology for easy drinking
  • Unique soft-flex spout protects gums
  • Hygiene cover
  • 11 oz. easy-drink cup
  • Dishwasher, microwave and sterilizer safe
  • Suitable for babies aged 7 to 12 months
  • BPA-free
I cannot wait to share more and more great products from tommee tippee with you over the coming months as a tommee mommee!

And remember, Tommee tippee products can currently be found in Babies R Us, Target, Buy Buy Baby, Walmart Canada, on Amazon.com, and more. For full information on where to buy, visit http://www.tommeetippee.us/.

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* This post is sponsored by tommee tippee as part of the tommee mommee program.*