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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Recycle A Cup

A product was given for review for my honest opinion. 

I can't tell you how much I love my Keurig and K-Cups! I only drink about one cup of coffee a day when I have one at all so the Keurig has been a lifesaver for me as far as not wasting coffee and making the perfect cup for me every time! Plus, I can make so much more than just coffee - tea, hot chocolate, apple cider and so much more!

However, there has always been one thing that bothers me....where do all those little K-Cups go in the landfill?? Check out these sad stats below:

The Truth about Single Serve is that it is a growing and significant environmental concern. Just look at the numbers:
  • 16 million US households own a single serve brewer
  • 13% of the US population drank a cup of coffee made in a single serve brewer yesterday
  • That equates to 41 million used single serve cups everyday
  • 9.6 billion cups every year
  • 2.8 billion cubic feet of waste in our landfills every year

The reality is that all of us can play some small part in reducing the waste that goes into our landfills by using a new, great product called Recycle A Cup™. Recycle A Cup™ allows you to enjoy the variety of different coffee flavors, tea and hot chocolate, then split the plastic cup apart from the rest of the pieces to allow for recycling.

Like me and many of you, my earth-conscious readers, they were bothered by the waste generated by tons of used single-serve coffee cartridges entering landfills each year, even though they loved the convenience and variety of using a single-serve coffee machine. So they created this tool that allows you to separate the components of the cups, so that they can be re-used, recycled, and even composted.

Check out how it works: 

The Recycle A Cup is such a simple and easy solution to eliminate extra waste in our environment and it gives me peace of mind every time I use my Keurig and K-Cups! I now can enjoy my favorite drinks and then recycle the K-Cups easily!

Check out how EASY it is to do!

Step 1: Load

  • Wait for your used K-Cup® to cool.
  • Place used cup into Holder. Align puncture hole at bottom of the cup with Alignment Pin.
  • Place Lid onto Holder. Do Not press the Cartridge Buttons at this stage. Instead twist lid ¼ twist to set for cutting.

Step 2: Twist

  • Press both Cartridge Buttons to puncture the cup.
  • Keep Buttons pressed and turn Lid 1 time completely around the cup.

Step 3: Separate

  • Release both Buttons.
  • Remove Lid and upper part of the cup.
  • Push finger into hole at bottom of Holder to remove the plastic body.

Recycle & Compost

  • Recycle or reuse the plastic cup.
  • Recycle the aluminum top.
  • Compost the paper and coffee grinds.
  • Even if you throw out the top with the coffee grinds attached, the coffee grinds can now decompose vs. being trapped in the plastic and you are still making a nice environmental contribution.
  • Tell all your friends about Recycle A Cup™ so that each small contribution can add up and have a significant impact.

This clever new device really does solve a major problem --- a zillion wasteful used coffee cartridges such as K-Cups that end up going in your trash, and ultimately filling up landfills with unnecessary waste. Now you and I will be able to recycle, re-use, and compost the majority of the components of your used K-Cup® cartridges, instead of throwing them away! This is definitely a must for all Keurig and K-Cup users!

Buy It: You can purchase the Recycle A Cup for $14.99 from the Recycle A Cup website.

And make sure to use this great promo code: fvqpud to get free shipping and $5.00 OFF redeemable at 
(which brings the price they pay from $14.99 to $9.99!!). 

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* Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion.*