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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Family LOVES the Minnesota Children's Museum!

A product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.

One of the places I have been wanting to visit with my children here in the Twin Cities is the Minnesota Children's Museum. My children are so active, creative, and imaginative - I knew they would love a place where they could touch, play and explore everything they see! And I was so right! My children (and us parents too!) had a blast and the children have been talking about everything they saw and did every day since!

The Minnesota Children's Museum goal is to spark children's learning through play. At Minnesota Children's Museum, children will have a blast discovering an exciting, immersive world that arouses their curiosity, increases their understanding, and ignites an appreciation for learning.

They have two special exhibits happening right now: the Thomas and Friends™: Explore the Rails and the Creativity Jam. They are both awesome but only there for a limited time! So if your children like Thomas like mine do, you better get there soon! :)

Thomas and Friends™: Explore the Rails

Hop onboard and discover the engineer within! Travel to the Island of Sodor where imaginations charge full steam ahead in Thomas & Friends™: Explore the Rails, a hands-on STEM exhibit based on the adventures of everyone’s favorite blue engine, Thomas, his engine friends and the Island of Sodor’s iconic locations: Knapford Station, Sodor Steamworks and much more. Help Thomas and his friends solve a variety of challenges, from simple sorting and shape identification to more complex engineering obstacles.

Activities include:
  • Climb inside Thomas’ cab to explore the engine’s inner workings
  • Remove and replace parts to fix Percy’s wobbly wheel
  • Load Percy’s coal box and water so he can deliver the mail
  • Suit up as the conductor and sell tickets to ride the train
  • Load and sort luggage and freight into train cars
  • Explore the history of Thomas & Friends through books, TV show clips and toys
  • Plan and build navigation routes to favorite destinations on the gigantic Island of Sodor train table
  • As children confront new challenges and test their abilities, the smiling faces of Thomas, Percy, Sir Topham Hatt, and others, are there to offer encouragement and remind children how “really useful” we all are.

Creativity Jam

Another exciting exhibit is the Creativity Jam. This is a prototype exhibit for their expansion, and there are many different components in this exhibit, particularly for the “older” child (above age 6). All of the concepts are being tested, to see what works and what doesn’t work, so they can implement these into the new museum.

Designed to spark creativity and imagination, Creativity Jam immerses visitors in a multi-sensory landscape of sounds, materials and media. Children and adults are invited to participate in exciting and unique experiences that exercise and build creative thinking and collaboration.

My children's FAVORITE Exhibit was:

 Our World

My children making a music video!
A mini reflection of Minnesota's diverse neighborhoods awaits and includes immersive, community-building experiences children love. Our World emphasizes pretend play, where children are encouraged to organize and carry out specific roles, while bounding from door to door and imagining the possibilities.

My daughter reading to a kitty!

Whether shopping at the market or visiting the doctor’s office, children have opportunities to take on responsible, adult-like roles, and become whoever they want to be.

My daughter shopping at the grocery store! She LOVED this!

My son cooking in the Restaurant!

Playing in Our World contributes to the development of essential life-long skills such as:
  • Creative Thinking when cooking up a storm and trying out original recipes to serve customers at the restaurant.
  • Control when taking on a new role, such as mail carrier, which builds empathy by highlighting the thoughts and feelings of others.
  • Collaboration when compromising with others to decide on who will be the driver and who will be the passenger on the bus (and for how long!).
Dress up as a Firefighter - boots and all!
My children had A BLAST dressing up, pretending, taking on adult roles and being creative in Our World! It was definitely there favorite room!

My son's favorite: BUILDING with fun blocks!

Some other favorite displays were: 

Rooftop ArtPark: 

Sand Sculpting!

Merge nature and art in an immersive outdoor gallery.

My children LOVED playing the piano as loud and as much as they wanted outside!
My children loved being creative outside with sand sculpting, water painting, playing piano and smelling and touching plants, herbs and flowers!

The whole family can dip their hands into the stream bed's cool water and create imaginative masterpieces in the sandcove; young visitors can scamper up the 12-foot tree fort and dance under the shadow dome, mimicking the shadows, shapes and movement of trees and plants.

Earth World

Discover Minnesota's Unique Habitats Up Close!

My daughter riding a GIANT ant! 

Imagination and fun collide in this immersive exhibit that highlights Minnesota’s forest, prairie, and wetland environments, and the animals within them. Earth World is designed to encourage children’s social play while promoting empathy for the natural world.

My children LOVED dressing up as different animals all around the museum!
Become an ant in the anthill and experience life in a society where existence relies on teamwork. This is just one of the many ways children can play and learn something that later benefits them in the anthill of life.

As you can see, my children had an AMAZING time at the Minnesota Children's Museum and we could have spent all day just in ONE of the displays or room! There was so much to see and do and I loved that my children could be free to be as creative, excited, and have as much fun as they wanted because everything was made for them to touch, explore and play with!

I definitely recommend getting a membership so you can go back as many times as you want throughout the year and explore each room and display to the fullest!

Buy It: You can purchase individual tickets for $9.95 for ages 1-101 or purchase a membership from the Minnesota Children's Museum website.

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* Thank you to Minnesota Children's Museum for their tickets to the museum for review! Disclosure - This product was given for review for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.*